3 Effective Social Media Solutions on Tackling Marketing Problems


Do you urgently need social media solutions to tackle the problems in managing it?

Are you overwhelmed with the checklist of your social media management? You are not alone! There is 61 percent of small businesses trying to search social media solutions to beat problems surround them.

As 37 percent of people use social media as their research tool, it actually is a big opportunity to reach audiences. However, social media marketers do not aware or strive enough to build their brand in social media as problems like creating consistent content, robotic and formal response appear.

Therefore, you must understand the correct strategy and best advice below, so you do not make the same mistake.

How to create posts regularly

Have you ever encountered a Facebook page that posts once a month or even a year? Or, have you seen an Instagram business account whose last post is a year ago? This is a common problem for social media content creators.

Not creating posts regularly can be the reason that your audience is not growing. More than 3 billion people use social media, so imagine how many contents they are exposed to every day! In this case, why do they bother to follow a “dead” account?

What should you do?

  • Create an inspiration board
    Not only writers who can get writers’ block, but content creators can also have the same problem! You cannot schedule when the inspiration will come, so set time to sit down and create an inspiration board instead of waiting for it. This can help you when you want to shoot a photo or video on your social media. You have the example ready to inspire.
  • Plan content in advance
    After getting inspiration and collecting it, plan the content in advance, at least content for a month. Decide which post to upload on certain days. Most studies suggested that you upload content once per day. If you post more, Hubspot reported that your engagement will drastically decrease up to 50 percent.
  • Make it happen
    Do not stop in the planning step. Make your planning as the deadline, so you will aware of what to create.

How to create valuable content

It surprisingly happens a lot when a business just shares anything. If you do that you desperately require a social media solution.

Your audiences will get bored and stop liking or commenting on your post if you do not create valuable content. If you have done this, you actually help yourself on the next step that is achieving more genuine audiences.

1. Target the right audience

Focus on a specific audience you want to get exposed to by your product. It is hard to reach a broad audience. Therefore, you need to conduct in-depth research on who your audiences are

After that, you can make an audience persona, listing your ideal customers will be such as their gender, age, profession, and income. For example, if you sell an anti-aging serum, your audience persona will be a woman above 30 years old who have medium to high allowance to buy your product since most of the anti-aging products are not cheap.

2. Give personality to your brand

Develop a unique voice when you create content and do not be like someone else because people value originality. Joe Escobedo, a branding trainer who has featured in Forbes and HuffPost, said if you do not have your own voice, you will be “drown in the content sea”.

You can start your brand personality by creating a logo. Then, cross-check with your audience’s platform and location. It will be different if you have LinkedIn or Instagram as the base of your content.

3. Make it understandable

Understandable can be subjective, but some checklists will help you. First, choose what kind of marketing form you use: text, picture, or video. Reflect on your audience persona to find certain words so that they will be engaged with your content.

How to get genuine audiences engaged in your content

So, you have created content, but make your audiences engaged is absolutely different issue. You need to realize that social media is not mainly for generating conversion rate, it is also about being social.

Therefore, building a personal connection with your viewers is the key role to make them engaged.

What should you do?

1. Host events or giveaways

Everyone loves free things, right? So does your audience. Create a giveaway then! You can ask your viewers to comment on the giveaway post, follow your social media, or link it to your website to make them sign up using their email address.

By following this rule, you can increase your engagement, get more followers, and email marketing lists.

Or you can set up an insightful event. For example, if you have a culinary business, you can hold a cooking competition like Master Chef in a small version. If you do not want to arrange a complicating event, you can ask them to post a photo of their cook using a certain hashtag and tag your account.

2. Encourage discussions

You can encourage discussions on social media by asking them questions.

Do you experience a YouTuber that asks you “How about you, guys?” in their video, asking your suggestion about doing something? They are definitely trying to get you to comment on their video.

Another way to encourage discussions is by creating a social media group such as a Facebook group. Here, you can directly communicate with your audience and build a trustful connection with them.

3. Reply to your audiences’ comments personally

Remember that you are “talking” with a human being. Do not reply with a generic answer like “Hi. I heard about your complaints. Thank you for the feedback. We are working on it.” It feels.. plain!

Inserting a personal touch by mentioning their name and answer like how you speak to your friends. They will feel valued and think that you perfectly listen to them.

Facing social media problems like inconsistent content, less valuable content, and attracting genuine audiences need practical social media solutions like what you have read above!