4 Main Reasons Why SEO in Content is Important

the importance of seo

Having a business means you need to know why SEO in content is fundamental.

Are you running a business or becoming a member of the marketing team? Then, you absolutely need to not only understand why SEO is important in content but also you truly implement it to your website. Before you get to integrate SEO in your passage, let’s learn more about what SEO is.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method to improve your website traffic which mostly deals with keywords. It is to attract organic visitors without paying for an advertisement.

One of the SEO examples is when you search “Starbucks”, the first thing you may see is Starbucks near you and the official Starbucks website. Google is smart to detect which sites match your keywords most.

Unfortunately, using keywords on your content is not the only thing to do to get a good rate of SEO. To reach the rate and rank number one in Google page, you must know the other elements of SEO.

Why SEO must be in your content

A website becomes one of the marketing weapons to introduce brands and increase sales. Google itself shares about customer behavior that 4 in 5 people observe local information using search engines. Therefore, you have an enormous opportunity if you create a website for your business.

However, it is prohibited that you just develop a website and produce content without knowing the basic understanding of SEO. There are tons of benefits once you incorporate it on your website, and below are 4 biggest why SEO must take part in content.

Let Google index your website

You can search for anything and at a glance, you will have millions of results in your hand. Even though it seems effortless, search engines have their complex algorithm to pick which websites that suit the most to your keywords.

As SEO can help you get organic results on Google, it means that Google, or general search engines, know your website. More than 90% of pages on the internet never achieve organic traffic on Google! It is because they do not understand the elements of SEO because those pages leave the essential part which is backlinks.

It proves that Google is smart for not getting trapped by bad websites who only do keyword stuffing, the act of forcing too many keywords in content, and neglect another factor like backlinks. To avoid keyword stuffing, do keyword research for SEO content about alternatives to the main keyword.

Attract more visitors

If you want to appear on social networking platforms, you mostly use hashtags on each post to generate engagement and reach. It has a similar system on the website as it depends on search engines to be looked through.

Once Google can index your content, you will get a higher rank on its page, right? By the time it continuously recognizes you, you will improve your website visibility and get the rank on the first page. This can be attained if SEO is well-applied in your content as Google has its formula to choose the suitable websites for each keyword.

When your website runs well on the search engine, you can appear more trustful than the ones who are paid websites since people nowadays are not easily be fooled by advertisements. Moz reports only 2,8 percent of US searchers click the paid ones. In conclusion, a free website with organic results you gain from using SEO can exceed the ones who are advertised itself.

This snowballing effect is the reason why you apply SEO in your content.

Guide you in making and improving content

Are you stuck in building a topic cluster for your website? You can start by searching the LSI keywords from the main keyword, which is included as one way of inputting SEO in content.

SEO factors can be a guideline whenever you make content. Check one by one whether you have put meta description, counted the keyword density, and written the attractive title.

Are you confused in deciding whether your website is successful? Use SEO factors. Take a look at the number of backlinks leading to your website, page views, bounce rate, and rates. The higher people who cite your website, the better you get the authority. The domain authority (DA) can be your metric of success. If you get a high number on it, your website is awesome!

Are you feeling undermotivated in continuing a website? See your DA! If it is still low, you had better work hard in creating high-quality content and measuring the SEO factors so that you can get more backlinks, which means high authority.

Bring more money

What is your goal of building a website? It is to make visitors know your brand or what product you sell, and eventually lead them to buy it, right? The snowballing effect of SEO above which results in high ranking on search engines will help you more visible to your potential customers.

Becoming the top rank on Google does not only mean that you get high domain authority, but also increase your brand credibility. For example, people search for a product, let us say a vintage couch. If they find you at the top of the page, they will think that you are the king of the industry.

Do you remember the fact that 4 in 5 consumers try to find the product online first? It is reported that over 70% of them visited the physical stores, especially the ones within 5 miles.

To note

One of the elements of SEO is locality, in which search engines examine and match your website and the keyword with people nearby. Engage them in online first using your website, then make them buy at your offline store. Knowing why you need to combine SEO in your content is the first step in conquering search engines. By employing it, you will not only get noticed by Google, Yahoo, or Bing, but also you have a helpful guide in making and analyzing content, get more visitors as your UX increase and finally receive dollars from them.