5 Easy Steps to Build Instagram new business account from Scratch

Do you want to develop your Instagram new business account?

Over 25 million companies in the world have used Instagram for business. This number shows how Instagram becomes the home of constructing brands for business. And, do you want to have your own? Here is a practical guide to creating an Instagram new business account.

1.  Sign up for an Instagram business account

To start promoting your business on Instagram, the first thing to do is to have an Instagram new business account.

Why do I need to convert it into a business account?

There are a lot of features you can unlock by switching the personal account into a business version.

a. Instagram Insights

Why bother to install an analytics tool if you have a great built-in feature for analyzing your overall activity on Instagram Insights. It shows detailed information about your followers (their age, location, and gender), whether your posts and Stories performed well.

b. Promote your posts

If you use a business account, you are allowed to push the Promote button, and ready to get more reaches.

c. Shopping tags

This helps your audience instantly notice the price of your product and purchase it without jumping into a different application. It is just like a Call to Action (CTA) on a website.

Should you convert to an Instagram business profile? Absolutely YES. More than 200 million users have set up an Instagram business account, so do you!

If you already own an Instagram account and have a few followers, that is good. You just need to convert it into a business account.

d. How to switch a personal Instagram account to a business account

  • Log in to your personal account
  • Go to your profile and tap three lines icon at the top right on the screen.
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Switch to Professional Account
  • Choose Business
  • You can connect your business account to your Facebook page, but this step is optional
  • Add your contact information details like an email address and phone number
  • Tap Done

You also can build an Instagram new business account if you do not have a personal account before or it does not represent your business at all.

e. How to set up a business account on Instagram

  • Download the Instagram app at PlayStore or AppStore
  • Open the app and click Sign Up
  • Input your email address and tap Next. If you want to connect the account to your Facebook page, choose login with Facebook instead
  • Pick a username and password and insert your profile details
  • Tap Done
  • You already have an Instagram account and convert it to a business account. Follow the previous procedure.

2.  Create a profile

Congratulations! You have created the Instagram business account. When setting up for one, you have filled in the basic information. Now, it is time to maximize the profile, so you can grab viewers’ attention.

Make an Instagram bio

Instagram bio is essential as it is the first thing your audiences will look at. You need to introduce your brand, what it is all about, or what you sell in only 150 words!

To optimize the Instagram bio you should use your brand personality whether it is formal and professional, or casual and fun.

You can also include clickable hashtags that you will use for your content. For example, if your brand name is Mamma Mia and you sell pasta, you can combine those keywords, and the hashtag will be #mammamiapasta. This will lead your audience to your related content.

Try using emojis. An image can speak louder than words. Pick one emoji that represents your brand. Using the example above, you can add pasta emoji to make your bio visually attractive.

Have a representative profile picture

If you sell pasta, do not put your selfie as the profile picture. The profile picture plays an important role to build trust in your viewers. You can use photos of your work such as a wedding photo for photography services or a plate of pasta if you sell it. Or, you can put your brand logo there.

3.  Have a strategy

Unfortunately, running an Instagram business account does not finish until you create the account. You must have a strategy! We have created a step-by-step guide for developing a successful social media strategy, and here are the quick tips:

  • Identify your audience

This means that you need to create your audience personas. Make a list of who they are (their gender, age, job, income, and location), what kind of content they like (videos or photos), and what their interests are (whether it is entertaining or educational content).

  • Set the goals and its metrics

As you have just started on your business, focus on building your brand awareness. Engage your audience personas by creating attractive content and promoting your brand through Instagram ads.

Do not forget to measure your goal of developing brand awareness by analyzing the growth of followers and reaches. You can also use tools for this purpose.

4.  Share valuable content

Great content can attract viewers to visit your Instagram new business account. First, plan your content in advance and design your template feed. You can get inspired by hundreds of business accounts out there, then mix and match those so that it is suitable for your brand personality.

The essential thing on Instagram is to have a high-quality photo. You do not need an expensive camera or hire an expert photographer (do it if you can). Instead, try to use natural light and different angles to find the most perfect photo for your feed. After that, social media tools like Adobe Lightroom or VSCO can help you to edit your photos.

5.  Grow your audience

After creating a well-built Instagram account, it is a good start to grow your audience. It is sad if you have tried so hard on creating content, but no one watches it, right? Follow the tips below to increase the number of your followers and reach.

  • Use suitable hashtags. Hashtags will help your content be more visible as a caption on Instagram is not searchable.
  • Promote your content using Instagram ads. It helps you to target your audience personas because you can specify audiences on Instagram ads.
  • Work with influencers. Are they not expensive? Oh, yes. However, you can gain loyal Instagram followers with micro-influencers as they have dedicated following.

Let us be creative with your Instagram new business account! If you want to know more about how to manage it, check out this article we craft just for you.