5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Manage Instagram Business Account Better While Spending Less


Manage your “dying” Instagram business account

Have you seen a non-active Instagram business account? O, is that yours?! Hm, it is strongly recommended to manage your Instagram business account right now before your followers go away!

eMarketer predicts 75,3 percent of businesses in the US will employ Instagram as part of their marketing in 2020. As the business does not want to be left behind by their competitors, they start using this powerful tool to stay up-to-date.

This reason may help you start the account, but how long will this decision last? When people do not see their growth as soon as they begin, people tend to give up on continuing to manage their Instagram account. Hey, your customer may come tomorrow!

If you find the situation above similar to yours, below are helpful approaches to managing an Instagram account to bring back your followers and increase sales.

Reflect what did not work

When you chose not to continue to post before, try to look at what made you give up. Managing social media requires a lot of work, so different problem needs different social media solution.

Make a list of the problems, so you can start thinking of the solution immediately and proceed to design a new phase.

Some probable problems in managing social media are:

  • not creating attractive content
  • not publishing content routinely
  • hard-selling your product
  • incorrectly targeting audience
  • not knowing how to use hashtag properly
  • treating all social media the same
  • not personally engaging audiences

A few of these problems have been discussed in here (link to social media solution article), like producing creative content and uploading it routinely, also tips to engage with your audience personally.

And, here are quick glance in tackling social media issues on business:

  • use social media tools such as Sprout Social and Canva in creating and analyzing content.
  • make an audience persona so that you can target your product or service to the correct audience.
  • develop a unique voice among 1 billion Instagram active users.

Set your strong reason

Before you restart your Instagram business account, make sure you know why you want to do this again. It helps you not easily give up when you encounter obstacles to managing it.

Simon Sinek, the author of “Start With Why” emphasizes the importance of knowing your purpose as it relates to all that you do. You have had the understanding of what and how you do, if you do not hold a strong why, you will always question what you are doing.

So, inspire yourself by making your why right now, and every time you want to turn your business and social media down, remember your why.

Plan and prepare your content

As you should consider every aspect on Instagram such as what and when to post or whether the post’s reach and engagement meet your expected number, it can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Therefore, follow these step-by-step guide to make your content well-planned and well-made:

  • Gather inspiration from your old posts or competitors. If you want to be consistent with your previous posts, analyze what makes your posts similar. However, you are also allowed to create a brand new type of post.
  • Write a checklist about your brand, the color or font you use, and the tone of your photos. This will help you limit your choices in the future so that you will not overthink what content you should post as you have prepared the “template”.
  • Categorize your content into four types: educative (you valuable knowledge), update (updated information about your brand), social proof (post testimonials and review from your customers), and attractive (include a trigger to make people give feedback). For example, if you sell a graphic design service, your educative content will be a “Types of Fonts You Must Have”. You can make an update by publishing what kinds of designs you do (logo, 3D, or poster). And, attractive content can be “This or That” post inserting a question about which designs your audience likes.
  • After you have posts based on the categorization, you can plan the content based on the category. For example, you upload social-proof content on Monday, attractive on Saturday, and so on.

Plan for a month ahead so that you can be relaxed and keep consistent in doing it.

Based on the Union Metrics study, a good rate for the majority of businesses is to post 1.5 times per day. But, do not rashly agree with this. As long as you keep your consistency and quality, you can upload three or four times a week and still have audiences await your posts.

Announce your comeback

It is necessary to let people know that you restart your Instagram business account. Publish a “welcome back” post on your feed to alarm people about your existence. Then, your audiences can expect your next posts as they know that you are back!

Upload Instagram Stories

If you choose to post three to four times a week, there are days that you do not publish content on your Instagram feed, right? Use Instagram Stories instead!

Here are why you should use Instagram Stories to bring color to your Instagram business account:

  • You will not ruin your plan on the Instagram feed. Let us say that you have planned the Instagram feed for the next 30 days, but you have a brilliant idea in the middle of the month. Do not change your date to upload it on Instagram feed since you have a feature called Instagram Stories to let your audiences know about your idea.
  • It makes people think that you are available every day. Because you upload four times a week, people may question whether you are online on your day-off. By uploading your Instagram Stories every day, you will get a good impression by being consistent.
  • It does not affect badly on the Instagram algorithm. Some studies have shown that uploading Instagram feed every day will downgrade your engagement, but it does not apply for Instagram Stories. Have fun with interesting filters, Boomerang (a GIF-like image), and live video!

There are also tools to manage your posts as well in which you can freely arrange when and how your post will be published.
After being a “contemporary dead” account, you need to get back your audiences and, above all, your strong passion for managing Instagram business accounts. It has a long to-do list to finish, but keep the spirit to fight again on the arena.