5 Secret Formula on How to Craft Creative Copywriting

You must understand how to craft creative copywriting to make a memorable advertisement

You must understand how to craft creative copywriting to make a memorable advertisement

Have you ever had an advertisement that is catchy and unforgettable even you have heard it long ago? This advertisement may stick in your mind since you remember a certain feeling being called up just like when you remember your ex. The creators of the advertisement surely understand how to craft creative copywriting.

What is creative copywriting?

Creative copywriting is the act of writing a copy that is original and attractive. Other types of copywriting like SEO copywriting may use the same concepts, but creative copywriting is the most powerful tool to capture your readers’ attention.

It is allowed to use slang, newly-invented, or even bizarre words. You cannot just snatch your readers by a simple sentence like “Buy One Get One”. Creative writing generates a copy that is hard to forget and different from other advertisements.

How to craft creative copywriting

Since the purpose of creative copywriting is to attract people, you should consider some important keys like brand personality, friendly communication, and creativity that is out of the box. Here is the list of things you should do to catch your readers’ eyes.

Figure out your personality

Before you write a single word, dig deep into the brand. You have to know what kind of voice that is suitable for your brand since it is like a soul that differs yours to other brands out there.

People may use curse words to get direct attention from the audience. However, if your brand is constructed for highly-educated people, they may get offended. As a result, please consider the target market and product you offer before you are engaged in the creativity of copywriting.

 A brand like The Economist, a well-known English newspaper, tends to grab the reader’s attention by using words for smart people who like world news, economics, and politics. Therefore, they maintain their academic vocabulary and focus on how exclusive the Economist is.

In such a situation, a statement like “By using special vocabulary, I will limit my market” will pop up in your mind. It does not work like that! You can trigger people’s curiosity, or in the Economist’s case, you can share the copywriting to people who consider themselves the smartest guy in the room.

Be your audiences’ best friend

After knowing the target market, you will know how to communicate with them. There are 4 ways to effectively arouse your readers’ engagement.

1. Ask questions.

By asking questions, you feel more attracted, right? It is because a question makes a written text more conversational.

Even though they do not answer your question out loud, a question triggers some activations inside the brain. Consequently, readers will aware of your copy.

2. Command your readers.

You can use imperatives to command your readers. Imperatives are used to tell people what to do. Such popular imperatives like “Click Here” or “Buy Now” can be found in Call to Action (CTA). These expect a direct response from the readers.

3. Explain customer benefits

“Hi, buy our mattress!” It is a command (refer to tips number 2) which theoretically can be used to communicate with your potential customers. However, it is not a good example. Instead of commanding them or merely tell your product features, explain what benefits you can provide for them.

If you have a restaurant business, for instance, highlight the warm atmosphere that boosts togetherness and happiness they will feel once they go to your restaurant. Emphasize things that make them happy to get their money out of their wallet.

Dale Carnegie, the author of the worldwide best-seller book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” said to make people like you, you must talk about what they are interested in. By selling a well-spent night at your restaurant, people will like you instantly. 

4. Follow the copywriting formula

It is not just a Krabby patty that has a secret formula. Copywriting has it too!

First, start with a problem. Generally, you can find problems anywhere, but you can try with a current issue. For example, Rocomamas, an international burger, rib, and wing restaurant, transform the American election problem in 2016 into a creative idea. They made an advertisement for the burger election! The name of the burgers referred to the presidential candidates’ names.

Second, state your solution to their problem by offering a promise. The next is to support your promise with proof. You can play with statistics in proving your ultimate solution. It can be in the form of a star system in the marketplace and the percentage of people who are satisfied with your products.

Finally, you can state the price after explaining the problem, promise, proof.

Go beyond words

When you were studying in school, you were ordered to write anything in a particular number of words. Yet, it is not how creative copywriting works. In creative copywriting, you are obligated to build certain feelings and emotions.

It does not matter how many words you create as long as it is concise, attractive, and suitable for your target market. E.L. Doctorow, a novelist and professor from America, said that good writing ought to stimulate sensation to the readers. Although the weather is not raining, you have to put the feeling of being rained on.

Proofread the results

You have already had the results of your creative copywriting. Then, what should you do? Prove it! Try read out loud yourself, you may find words to revise or add. When you do this, you frequently will get a fresh perspective.

If you are not sure about your updated version of the copy, you can ask your friends or family members to proofread or edit it for you. Since creative copywriting is directed to evoke certain feelings or emotions, examine your friends’ expression while reading your text.

Are you ready to apply the secrets on how to craft creative copywriting above? Here is the last tip: do not be afraid of being a little different! Creative writing is about how to make your brand stand out among other products.