7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes That Bring Your Profits Down

common email marketing mistakes

Do you barely see the growth in your email marketing? Perhaps you do the common email marketing mistakes.

You may think that collecting email list is already such a challenge, yet your struggle in email marketing does not end once you achieve some number of email subscribers. You need to avoid common email marketing mistakes as they can hit the unsubscribe button whenever they want.

Or, do you notice that somebody has just left the email subscription? Hm, you may be wondering why they unsubscribe and whether you did something wrong. The business owners who have very recently joined email marketing may be confused as the system is not similar to social media which marketers mostly use.

Email marketing mistakes to avoid

To release your burden in realizing your problem, see these common email marketing mistakes so that you will not repeat these in the future!

  1. Not giving new subscribers a warm welcoming email

If you do not welcome new subscribers with a warm hug through an email, you definitely miss a golden chance! Dyspatch mentioned that the welcome email receives the highest open rate than other types of email marketing like updates or promotions.

When a person opens join your email subscription, they are probably interested in your website or e-commerce. Moreover, you have promised them special offers once they sign up. In this case, they clearly want to buy something for you.

Therefore, make them stay by your side by immediately sending them a welcome email. If you send it days or weeks later, they may forget about you and are not interested anymore.

  1. Forgetting to include attractive CTA

You may have noticed a clickable box with pop-up color in your message or any website titled “Shop Now” or “Read More”. That is a call to action (CTA). This button aims to direct you straight away when you open your email.

Yet, do not place your CTA everywhere and make the email receivers annoyed. Neil Patel suggested that you must not place the CTA button before they learn about the offer. So, do not place it above the explanation or you will decrease the conversion up to 17 percent.

To create effective CTA that can lead your email subscribers, use attractive verbs such as reserve, get, and try. Then, you can add a specific offer. Finally, it would be like “Get the 50% discount” or “Reserve your seat now”.

  1. Sending them too many emails

Saying “I love you” too much can lose its meaning, hence sending the email too much can result in a sad ending: your subscribers throw you out in the spam folder or even unsubscribe you!

You must send the email regularly, but not excessively. This is one of the email marketing mistakes you need to pay attention to.

At the end of 2019, there were 2,9 billion email users globally, and each office worker get 121 emails averagely every single day!

The high number of emails they receive can make them overwhelmed. And once they recognize you send them too many emails, they will click the unsubscribe button.

  1. Not using a personalized message

Your email subscribers may work all day and feel formal tension in the office. Therefore, do not use the language which is used by a salesperson or high-demanding boss. Instead, become their friends.

You can start by greeting them with their name. Many people go with the first name. Yet, if your business is more professional, you can try with the last name.

Another way to get personal in email marketing is to ask them a question. Paperstyle, a company designing custom invitations and gifts, increased their open rate up to 244 percent by asking their customers “What are you planning for?” in their email.

  1. Spelling and grammar errors

Now, you may have used personalized email, included CTA, and planned the emails to avoid sending those too frequently.

Although you have checked the mentioned items, the email marketing will not work out if the receivers spot spelling and grammar errors in your email. This mistake is a big no because it will make you seem unprofessional!

Before you send the email, check thoroughly whether you type the wrong words or sentences. Are you not sure about your writing? Go to a grammar tool like Grammarly or ask your team to proofread the email.

  1. Ignoring the importance of mobile-friendly email

Campaign monitor shows that smartphone is the most used device when it comes to checking an email, it is more than 80 percent! This number is dominated by the generation Z and millennials. 

Do you have a business that targets young people? Then, you absolutely need to care about the mobile-friendly setting for your email.

Oh, do you build segmentation for older demographics? You still require this feature because they mostly open the email from a tablet.

Make your email mobile-friendly by not applying long text. When you write the text on a desktop, it may look 3 lines only. However, it can be more than that on the smartphone screen.

  1. Not sending emails based on the segmentation

Generalizing your email subscribers is one of the email marketing mistakes you should never make. Develop the specific segmentation for your email list instead.

When you categorize the email subscribers, you will have the ability to observe which email addresses that no longer interact with you, abandon their wishlist, or have different time zone with you.

Marketingprofs has conducted a case study and found that segmentation in email marketing clearly brings plenty of benefits for your business and email marketing growth. You will increase the open rates by 39 percent, revenue by 24 percent, and sales leads by 24 percent!

Isn’t it amazing that one method can generate lots of advantages to you? Go filter your email subscribers and see the result! Email marketing is such a powerful weapon to improve your business profits. Unfortunately, the dream may be harshly crashed if you do those email marketing mistakes. Do not worry! As you have identified them, now you can make a better email marketing strategy to push forward your business performance.