8 Mind-blowing First Blog Examples You Can Get Inspired from

Are you stuck in writing your first blog post? These first blog examples will help!

Congratulations! You have considered why blog could help website and now you owned it in your hand. Still, you need to go further by publishing your first ever blog post to feel the real advantages of integrating a blog on your website. Look for some first blog examples, to begin with.

At this point, you must have a list of audience persona and decide what niche you are going to focus on in the blog. Those steps to make your type of the first post easier because you have known what the limits in writing the article. For example, if you have a cosmetic business and plan to aim young women, you cannot start your first post with a political opinion even if you want to share it badly, right?

8 First blog examples to begin yours

1.   Who are you?

The perfect first blog example about telling who is behind the blog is Gizmodo. You may know that this blog is one of the famous bloggers about technology and science. Well, its first post in July 2002 told the same. It is stated that the website would highlight facts about electronics, gadgets, and gizmos.

Gizmodo’s first post also explained that the website is edited by Pete Rojas, who is a journalist who works together with famous brands such as Wired, the Guardian, and Red Herring.

The purpose of this kind of introduction is to make your website looks credible. Therefore, your audiences will know who writes the articles in the future and whether the person can be relied on to get information. You can also link this post to your About page to give your readers a detailed explanation about who or what you are.

2.   The reason you blog

If you want to make a first post about why you start the blog, take a look at Pat Flynn’s first post that was published on October 17, 2008. There, he informed why he quit his job for embracing the passive income.

He shared an analogy of an offline businessman who works 14 hours per day to sell vitamins. Then, he compared with an online business that can be worth more than the offline business profits. Furthermore, you can open it 24 hours per day without waiting for it all the time.

Pat Flynn starts with why he left his job and write, like what many people say the end is just the beginning. However, if you do not have something to cut off before, you can also straightly begin the article by stating why you build your blog.

3.   An interview post

One of the benefits of having a specific topic for your blog is you can find people that you can look up to. For instance, you want to write about food on your blog. You can find other food bloggers, chefs, or people who run a culinary business to share their knowledge about food.

You can do an interview with them and write the first post in the form of a question and answer like a literal discussion or you make a summary from the answers.

4.   Your first pillar content

Michael Pozdnev from “I Wanna Be a Blogger” shared his first post about SEO tricks from the experts in the field such as Ramsay Taplin, Bryan Harris, and Neil Patel. He revealed how those digital marketing gurus develop an SEO strategy.

In this post, you will realize how thoughtful Pozdnev wrote his first post. He used in-depth content to make a powerful start. He even provided a table of contents on the side of the blog so that you can go to the specific headers on the post like on-page and off-page SEO secrets, how to generate content, and increase the blog ranking.

You probably find a topic that needs to be explained in a comprehensive way. Write your first pillar content as your first blog post, then generate it with the subtopics in different posts.

5.   The founder speech

Do you want to be more welcomed to the website visitors? You can first start your post by the speech from the founder. It makes your audiences feel honored because the most respected person in the company greets them. 

6.   Lessons learned through your journey

Chris Guillebeau, the author of “The $100 Startup”, released his first blog post on February 13, 2008. He told me about his trip reports in Tokyo, specifically Tokyo’s Narita Airport. There, he discussed the idea of “home” through the airport which is the meeting point of the East and the West.

If you have an interesting journey to share? Prepare your laptop and type it down for your blog post!

7.   Talk about your goals

Lyrical Host is a company that offers web hosting service and domain names. It can be caught by the logo and blog template that this business mainly aims to assist female bloggers. The design is cute, pinkish, and pretty.

As a company, Lyrical Host starts its blog post by telling the history of how the company was created, when the founders started thinking about developing a web hosting business that is different from others, and all of the behind the scenes you need to know about a company.

You can also spot that at the end of the post, Lyrical Host writes the future goals so that the readers can anticipate what they will look at in the blog for the next articles or products.

8.   FAQ in your niche

It is important to stay updated about your current issue within your niche, above all, it can be the source of inspiration for your blog post! Search the most asked questions that you find on an online community like Quora and answer it in your blog.

Copy the link of the post and answer the questions in that platform using your first blog post. You can deliver useful insight and increase page views.

Ready or not ready, your dream of getting a great deal of page views, significant conversion rate growth and plenty of loyal customers begins with knowing the first post examples and make your own!