A Basic Guide on How to Write Company Bio


Microsoft knows how to write a company bio, your company should too! 

When you hear of Microsoft, what comes into your mind? Their products or the story of Bill Gates that started the company from a garage? Revealing the company’s background can make people realize how amazing the progress of a company is. Their history becomes their identity. Therefore, to get a great impression from readers, get to know how to write a company bio first.  

What is the company bio? 

This is the art of showcasing your business in the most interesting way. A company bio is a summary of who your company is and what it does.  

This type of content writing goes beyond telling audiences the products and services you sell. But, it includes a captivating story about the history of your company and the core values also visions it carries. A company bio can be used for a description in the “About Us” page of your company’s website, brochure, and social media with a shorter version.  

Your company must have a bio because it can: 

  • Motivate employees 
  • Engage customers, partners, and stakeholders 
  • Define who you are 

How to write a company bio 

1. Gather the information  

The earliest step on how to write a company bio is to collect all information about the company.  

  • The history of your company  
    It includes who started it along with the specific time and place. You can also add how the company got its name.  
  • The background  
    Answer the questions of why you started your company and what problems it solves. Make it clear and dazzling so that audiences can notice what makes you different from other companies in the same industry.  
  • Mission and vision  
    Do not imagine long sentences full of jargon. Take a look at Starbucks’ company profile. The mission statement only has one sentence: “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time”.  

They do not exaggerate the mission to offer the best coffee in the world, they emphasize it on what they can bring for humans instead.

2. It is not only about the products  

After collecting the information about 3 fundamental points above, tell readers what you do and offer by stating what you stand for. It can be the transparency like what Everlande has or organic products like Kora Organics founded by Miranda Kerr.  

Do not focus only on the products and services, but also expand the insight of your company on social works. This will build a good image of your brand, meaning that you are not a profit-driven company, but you support the society as well.  

If you get accomplishments and prizes, input those awards in your company bio too! Some businesses also display their teams, usually in the highest hierarchy of the company, to be credible evidence who are the people behind the products.   

3. Tell a story  

Share the inspiration for a brand name and write like you have a conversation. Your audience likes to read a founding story. It is because the “a-ha” moment when you decided to start your business holds an interesting narrative. It triggers people to meet you in person and develop a connection.  

Remember that Microsoft started from a garage and that story becomes the talk of the world. Then, people interviewed Bill Gates or invited him to a business seminar. The next person maybe you!  

This kind of event is a special opportunity to promote your business. Perhaps your products are similar to other brands, but the values you carry can change their mind.  

4. Give them a glimpse of your future plan  

Imagine your favorite clothing line announces that they will open their shop in your town. Are you looking forward to it? Of course! So, give your audiences a glimpse of what you are going to do. It will spark their excitement. 

Furthermore, when you apply the understanding of how to write company bio, you do not only aim to customers, but also the potential investors.  

Therefore, write your future plan in the company profile to sketch how you see the growth and expansion of your business. This description will help them whether they want to invest in your business by predicting and accounting the benefits they may get in the future. 

5. Keep it concise  

Long paragraphs can hide the main points of your statement, so prioritize what you will serve on the table. Save your audiences’ time by only writing the key topics. If you plan to give out a detailed annual report, for example, you can attach it in PDF form.  

Or, you can copy what Starbucks does: they add a link to a statement that needs longer explanation. In their About Us page, they only write 5 short paragraphs.  

But, they provide a link if you are curious about the company information. And, in this link, you can find another link that leads you to their complete mission statement along with the company values.  

6. Include appealing visual 

If you consider creating brief content is hard or you think PDF and links are not effective, you can steal the Nordstrom company profile. They design a visual timeline. This is like what you see in history textbooks. But, if you can craft it well by balancing the text and image, you absolutely can catch your audiences’ eyes.  

Visuals can help you say less. Check Google’s About page. They minimize the number of text, so it does not look like an essay, but they maximize the company bio using representative photos. Still, each picture has a link to drag you to another page. 

Do you think video works better? Go ahead! Encourage audiences to learn more about you. 

7. Lead them to take action  

As they have got exposed to your company, it is time to motivate them to take action. Add a call-to-action button that directs them to the desired action. It can be schedule a consultation with you, fill a form or call you.  

Be sure you absorb and apply the tips above on how to write company bio. Carefully construct it to get the full benefits of it.