Content Copywriting: What Everybody Should Know

Content writing and copywriting are absolutely two separate kinds of writing. However, can we do both? It is a BIG yes! Entrepreneurs and marketers are often confused about how they can put educational content while promoting their products. The answer is to apply content copywriting.

Content copywriting: A great combination of copywriting and content writing

Content writing and copywriting are absolutely two separate kinds of writing. However, can we do both? It is a BIG yes! Entrepreneurs and marketers are often confused about how they can put educational content while promoting their products. The answer is to apply content copywriting.

What is content writing?

Have you read articles on a website or magazine? It is a form of content writing.

Content writing is a writing process to create content that is informational, educational, or entertaining. It builds readers’ knowledge and awareness about a certain brand.

This type of marketing form can be found in blogs, social media, and websites. Content writing deals with long-form content, that is why content writers often apply headings to make articles more readable.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is an act of writing marketing forms using persuasive and attractive words.

Unlike content writing, copywriting is concise, short and eye-catching. The aim of copywriting is to promote commercial products and services, also convince viewers to take action.

Usually, copywriting appears on marketing products such as advertisements, taglines, email campaigns, billboards, and commercial video script. A good copywriter develops a highly persuasive copy so that readers are attracted to buy.

The mixture of content writing and copywriting is called content copywriting

Why do you need content copywriting?

The importance of content copywriting is that you can kill two birds with one stone. That is to educate while promoting your product.

Fellexandro Ruby, a famous entrepreneur from Indonesia, frequently uses content copywriting for his Instagram posts.

At the first slide of his Instagram post, he usually explains what he has experienced in his life. Then, he will reveal some “supportive tools” that help him undergo his problems in life at the end of the carousel.

For example, in his post “Money can buy happiness”, he lists what kinds of activities when money can buy happiness. Next, in the sixth picture, he softly directs people to have insurance related to the activities he has explained before. In the seventh picture, eventually, he mentions the health insurance he is sponsored by.

Elements of content copywriting

The structure of content copywriting is similar to content writing since it applies long-form texts and less focussed on sales. There is a list of how to create well-written content copywriting for your website.

A strong storytelling

What does a content copywriter sell? A powerful story.

Forbes informed that people, particularly Americans, are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements per day! Consequently, they begin ignoring and are “immune” to any forms of advertising.

Here is a challenge for modern brands to create an advertisement that is stuck in people’s minds.

One way to get people to turn their heads is by creating content that stirs their emotions up by inserting a meaningful story to your copy. There are some techniques to do it.

1. Monomyth

Are you interested in knowing how a successful person becomes THAT success? This is how Monomyth works. From zero to hero!

Even though this method is the most classic one, it still touches the majority of viewers’ hearts. This story follows a journey of a hero that later passes obstacles and gains strength or reward.

The example of this technique is applied by Gojek, a startup unicorn in Indonesia that offers a motorcycle ride-hailing phone service. It presents a story about drivers from the lower class, but they can climb social leaders by joining the company.

2. The False Start

First, you begin your seemingly predictable story. Then, you crash the readers’ expectations and shock them by turning the plot.

The fittest example of an advertisement using The False Start is an ad from a vacuum cleaner brand, Dirt Devil. The story is set in an old vintage house. Then, an old couple entered the house.

It seems horror when you immediately hear a scream from a woman hanging on the ceiling! She is not possessed, she is just pulled by a vacuum cleaner by the upstairs lady. 

3. The Mountain

Have you watched the Lotte Duty Free series in 2016 titled 7 First Kisses? It tells a female receptionist who has an opportunity to have an imaginary first kiss with popular and handsome men.

This series only ranges from ten to twelve minutes and was uploaded once a week. The main spotlight here was the list of top-star actors who become the kissers. But, you did not realize that you were being advertised for eight episodes straight, right?

This kind of advertisement applies The Mountain storytelling in which it delivers conflicts, climax, and ending that makes people curious about what the next chapter tells about.

A sharpened writing skill

A story will not be interesting if it contains many grammar mistakes. A good and structured content copy make readers enjoy reading it.

Even though Jakob Nielsen, a web usability consultant, reported that 84 percent of people on the internet only scan the content of a website, you must still ensure your content is valuable and readable.

Build a reading habit, so you can absorb the engaging style from famous writers. By doing this, you also learn the vocabulary used to make your writing smooth and natural as if you have a conversation with your readers.

Applying soft selling techniques

Soft-selling technique is the key role of content copywriting.

Soft sales encourage people to understand the benefits they get from a product, reasons why they should buy, and eventually drag the hypnotized people to purchase.

In soft selling techniques, you can also add previous clients’ testimonials to convince your potential target market. By adding testimonials, you can sell the products through case studies and stories.

As a result, your prospective customers will subtly walk to the path you have constructed for them.

Content copywriting can be a bridge for you confused about whether making a copy or content. You can definitely combine both! Make use of powerful storytelling to engage your readers, and do not forget to maintain the readability of your writing. Lastly, integrate soft selling techniques to gently captivate your potential customers.