All You Need to Know About Creative Copywriting

Creative copywriting changes how you see an advertisement

Have you heard “Awesome screen awesome camera long-lasting battery life”? Of course, yes. This advertisement can be found in the new-released Samsung phone advertisement. This piece of lyrics is still buzzing in people’s heads because of its catchy and easy sentence. Seeing this advertisement, Samsung indeed did really a good job in doing creative copywriting.

Every time people listen to this song, they instantly connect the lyrics with the Galaxy A series of phones, and the brand, Samsung. They incorporate with the fun and cute video concepts which make it even more outstanding. Most people even do not realize that they are being advertised because they enjoy it. That is the power of creative copywriting.

So, what is creative copywriting?

You have seen the example of Samsung advertisement above. They sell the product incredibly creatively.

Creative copywriting is the activity of writing advertising texts using appealing and attractive language. Creative copywriters worship originality. They also work with imaginative ideas and concepts to produce a creative copy so that they can touch people’s minds and hearts. Just like what Samsung did to us.

Reflecting on current issues

Usually, creative copywriting cooperates with their copy with current issues. For example, KFC in the United Kingdom was running out of chicken in early 2018. Yet, the angry customers did not care and complained about the issue on social media.

Instead of having a boring press-release, explaining the cause why they ran out of chicken, the KFC Marketing team posted “an apology” stated “Fck, we’re sorry” as the headline of the copy.

Do you notice how creative copywriting work here? The word “KFC” became “FCK” is eye-catching. They did not begin the sentence like other common apology letters. People would surely read the full paragraphs because of the KFC’s first strong sentence. Good job!

Arousing a debate

An interesting example of arousing a debate would be McDonald’s ads in 2004. The advertisement stated “Gherkin or gherkout?”. It simply asked you a question of whether you want to remove your gherkin from your burger or not. However, this question became a fierce debate until now.

The creative copywriter in McDonalds definitely assumed how people would react in the advertisement. They are indeed successful in making this advertisement arouse a debate.

Being honest

Some say that honesty is the best policy. You are welcomed to use this in your creative copywriting.

Volkswagen applied this technique in its advertisement in 2015. They said “If you want a car that lets you feel the wind in your hair, drive to a windy place and get out the car”

The sentence can be both honest and funny. Honestly, Volkswagen was also being sarcastic here about the people who expect to have high-quality features, while the product being advertised was a budget-friendly car.

How is it different from other types of copywriting?

Well, you must realize there are a number of copywriting that is used for a specific context. You can use technical copywriting for health and technology or SEO copywriting specializing in making your website become the first rank on the search engine.

Creative copywriting focusses on grabbing people’s attention, looking twice at your headline, and continuing reading your copy to an end. It creates powerful or even bizarre words to reach the purpose. Creative writing also develops persuasive and effective punches to get people’s feelings or emotions.

Creative copywriting job descriptions

This job can be exciting for creative people. If you are curious about the jobs of people behind creative advertising, here are the duties of a creative copywriter

  1. Understand thoroughly the background of the company and products

The marketing team of KFC would not get the idea of writing the word “KFC” to “FCK” when they do not have any clue about the issues or the company itself. It is important to know the style, target market, and vision of your company while making a good creative copywriting.

  • Build inspiration and imagination

I am sure those Volkswagen or McDonald’s marketing team members examine the people’s comments about their company. As a result, they came up with that excellent copy that their audiences can relate to.

So, you can develop inspiration and imagination by looking at people’s comments about your product. Adapt the comment with your company culture and start writing a creative copy. 

  • Write contents: being original and creative

Statistically speaking, people get 27 million content every day. Wow, that is quite a huge number! Therefore, marketers, brands, and especially creative content writers are required to work hard for being original and creative.

Creative Copywriting Examples

The famous examples like KFC, Volkswagen, Samsung and McDonald’s are mentioned above. And here are examples that specified in some fields. You can build your inspiration starting from these examples.

Food industry

There are thousands of food industries out there! If you do not stand out, the hegemony will win. Even though food adjectives such as “delicious”, “tasty”, or “hot” can be helpful, you surely can go beyond that.

  • “Let’s remove USB port from our devices” – Apple Team. Snickers: You’re not when you’re hungry (Snickers – snacks ads)
  • “For jokes, buy other beer. Gordon. Nothing to prove.” (Gordon – beer ads)
  • “You lost me at ‘Hello’. Breath speaks louder than words.” (Tic tac – mint candy ads)

Fashion and Beauty industry

Shopify reported worldwide revenue in the e-commerce fashion industry. It is $54 billion in 2019 and will increase by approximately $713 billion in 2022. The growth is your chance, marketers! Offer your brilliant ideas in helping them sell their products. Here are creative copywriting examples in the fashion and beauty industry

  • “This is an ad for men.” (L’Oreal Paris – lipstick ads)
  • “Your mirror will say yes.” (Drashy – beauty clinic ads)
  • “If it’s your first beauty treatment, relax. It’s our 45,535th” (N/A – cosmetic surgery)

Creative copywriting can be challenging and complicated to be worked on. You have to be original, imaginative, or quite wild in some cases. However, it does work! Like the examples of the mentioned brands above, McDonald’s, KFC, and Samsung, they make people aware of their brands because of their creativity in writing a copy.