Audience Marketing Can Fix Your Failed Campaign


Audience marketing brings more impact than other strategies

Applying demographics in your marketing is not enough, but audience marketing can help. In demographics, you have a high probability to lead some consumers who do not fit your brand.

Let’s say you aim junior college students with the same gender, age, and income to buy your clothing products. But, you need to realize that they have a different mindset and behavior. Some may value sustainable clothing, so they do not interested in buying another new top. That is why audience marketing can rescue you.

What is audience marketing

Audience marketing engages people from similar behaviors, perceptions, and mindsets. It emphasizes audience psychographics and behavioral segmentations over their demographic variables.

For example, 2 people from different demographics perform similar mindsets and behavior. You can include them in one group when you use audience marketing. It does not limit only to age, gender, or income. Audience marketing thinks the most impactful method is driving human’s internal systems.

This technique pops up because demographic data may appear vague. You are able to see the statistics of household income and age range. Yet, it cannot give you knowledge about an individual’s characteristics and beliefs.

Basic characteristics of audience marketing

  • Behaviors
    Each person displays certain interests for your products or even marketing channels. For instance, 49 percent of Gen Z uses social media to fill their spare time up. Meanwhile, 40 percent of Gen X wants to know up-to-date news. By identifying their behaviors on social media, you can choose the best content.
  • Perceptions
    Your audiences will give different perceptions when they view your content. In audience marketing, you are encouraged to expect what your audiences will think about your content.
    The WWF fund campaign is a good example. It shows mutant human fish as the effect of global warming. The picture arouses people’s awareness about the danger of that environmental issue. Hence, they will double the efforts to contribute to the funding.
  • Moments
    People show different opinions and emotions when they are in distinct moments. You experience calmness and joy with a cup of coffee. Yet, you will feel adventurous when you embrace a new journey. These moments can narrow down your marketing campaign to a particular moment.

Audience marketing strategies

Implementing marketing funnel

Understanding the consumer purchase journey with a funnel can benefit you a lot. It is because you can tailor strategies for each phase. According to Google, there are 3 stages of the marketing funnel.

  • Top of funnel is the first step in gaining your audiences’ attention. It targets your customers according to their interests and browsing behavior. Hence, you can enlist new leads into your websites or social media.
  • Mid-funnel applies tactics like affinity marketing and in-market to target audiences. In-market aims consumers who are interested in similar products and services to yours. For instance, a person who looks at the house’s review sites shows intent to buy a living place or investment.
    Meanwhile, affinity marketing develops patterns on audiences’ browsing habits and interests. For example, a bullet journal enthusiast is also fond of stationery and art supplies.
  • Lower funnel serves a more specific segment. It uses personalized content to retarget consumers who have already interacted with you. They may have visited your website, open your email marketing, or comment on your social media.

Prioritizing SEO

Do you know that user behavior affects SEO? Neil Patel said that the majority of businesses do not care about this. They intensify the keywords inside content and meta descriptions. Whereas, the audiences’ intention behind a keyword connects to the algorithm.

Thus, prioritizing SEO means you examine the user experience. Try to conduct in-depth audience analysis to create relevant and well-crafted content. It is because search engines apply relevancy rankings to sort the pages. Furthermore, high-quality content can attract a 126 percent growth of blogging leads.

Adding chatbots

Chatbots have played an integral role in marketing and customer services. It is because they have left behind the cold and impersonal conversation. It meets most of the audiences’ preference for conversational tone in marketing communication.

“Hi, you come back!” Have you ever received a pop-up message like that from a chatbot? One significant feature of chatbots is: it can identify consumers’ historical activities. It knows whether they have visited your website. Thus, you can make personalized sentences like that for visitors.

You can be available 24/7 without hiring an operational workforce. Chatbots also build positive perceptions of the audience because it answers the problem quickly.

Using influencers to optimize audience marketing

Social media trends increase, so do the influencers. Although they may have artificial life, influencers can be your front liners in engaging with audiences.

More than 60 percent of teenagers trust their favorite influencers over traditional celebrities. They even believe that influencers understand them better than their friends! Almost 50 percent of consumers depend on their buying on influencer recommendations.

To find your perfect influencers, consider the relevance and reach. Relate the influencer with your content, brand, and target market. For example, you own a travel agency. Then, work together with travel vlogger, blogger, or Instagram influencers.

Count how many people you may reach based on influencer’s tribe. You can also check their engagement by dividing the number of likes or viewers by the followers.

Be involved in charities or other social programs

You need to align your brand with good images. The ethical way to do that is by joining charities or other powerful social concerns. Some audiences may think that you exploit the issue as your marketing campaign. Avoid this negative perception with supporting issues that you believe.

For example, Nike’s Dream Crazier campaign. It promotes social equality because it shows the female athletes doing their passion. The campaign attracts consumers as 44 percent of Nike customers value this issue. Bring your brand into another level with audience marketing!