Content Writing for Beginners

Content Writing is important, and for beginners, it is necessary to know what's in store for it.

What is Content Writing for Beginners?

Content writing is a great skill to have in this digital era, especially if you have a business to promote. However, it may not be as easy to start. Since content writing is a unique style of writing, it might be a bit tricky if you’ve never written it before. Content has certain requirements and tricks for it to rank high on the search results. Therefore, you will need to learn some tips for content writing for beginners.

There is plenty of information on content writing for beginners written out online. You can learn all about for free. However, once you know all the tricks, you may be stuck on what topics you should write about. Don’t worry, we got you covered! In this article, we give you a few ideas on a great content writing topic for you who just start writing content.

1. Write a ‘how-to’ article

This is probably one of the most common types of articles you find online, and in fact, it is also usually ranked high. A how-to article is easier to write and provides a wide array of ideas and possibilities. If you know how to do or make something, whatever the topic it is, then go ahead and make this type of article.

To make it easy for the readers, write your articles in steps by steps instructions. Add illustrations to help your readers understand the steps better. Facts and examples are great too to make comprehensive and wholesome articles. By doing that, your content will be helpful for a lot of people; at the same time have a higher chance of getting at the top of Google rank.

2. Write your personal experience

Another thing to explore is your own experience. It should be easier to write as you experience them yourself and know firsthand everything that happens. This type of writing provides plenty of potential topics to write about.

If you are proud of something you do that has tangible results, you can write about that. This would be a great idea seeing that you might be able to help other people that may face difficulties in that area. People will learn from your experience and this can be valuable information or lessons for them.

3. Writing about tips or lists of something useful

Articles that talk about tips, tricks, and other useful lists are another great topic of content writing for beginners. If you are an expert in something, writing about it will be a great opportunity to share your knowledge. It can be whatever you master in various fields such as cooking, gardening, business, parenting, and many more. Not only does it will be a lot easier to write, but you can also benefit by generating a little side money.

4. Writing about recent issues

You can also write about recent issues happening around you. It usually gains a lot of interest from people with similar concerns or interests. Write down your opinion and ideas about the issues, but be careful not to write something rude or offending other people. This can result in you receiving many backlashes from such writing. If you feel strongly about the issues, there is a chance that others feel the same way too.

5. Write a review

A review about anything, whether it is movies, books, hotels, restaurants, etc., is another type of writing which gains a lot of readers. People tend to look for information or opinion about them before trying themselves, and you can fill this need by writing reviews about them.

Try to write honestly by providing all the pros and cons of the things you reviewed. Readers always value objectively. It trumps something that is written overly positive or overly negative.

How to Start Content Writing for Beginners

While you may have all the ideas about what you want to write, sometimes it is difficult to start especially if this is your first time. Read on to find out what to do to start writing.

1. Do a lot of research

You will be able to write well only if you know enough information about the topic you are interested in. That is one reason why it is important for a content writer to frequently reading and researching. When you have a lot of information, it will help you to keep the ideas flowing smoothly. Whenever you have an idea about a certain topic, write it down on your note and then spend some time to do a quick research about it.

2. Find your style

You may have your favorite blogger or content writer that aspires you to be a content writer yourself. While it is good to have someone you look up to, make sure you don’t fall to the exact similar style they have. Readers may notice the similarities and think that your writing is not authentic or unique.

Find out your style that is matched to your own unique personality because it is going to be your identity as a writer. This unique writing style is the thing that will differentiate you from other writers. It will be a lot easier too for your readers to spot you among plenty of other content writers out there.

3. Keep your writing simple and don’t exaggerate things

Many people will not understand complex sentences and vocabulary, which is why you should keep your writing fairly simple. Write in short sentences and use common vocabularies to avoid readers being confused and end up leaving your articles.

Another thing you should keep in mind is don’t exaggerate things when you are writing. Keep your writing objective and don’t stretch the truth, especially if you are delivering news or recent issues. While it is fine to state your opinion, you should not exaggerate the truth as it will only make you look neither reliable nor honest.

4. Find out a niche you are most interested in

A lot of content writers can write various topics and fields from marketing to tourism and even health. However, content writing for beginners should be something specific that you understand best and have a big interest at. It will be easier for you to start writing with topics you are familiar with. From here, you can expand your field of writing slowly while you finally grasp the skill and key of good content writing. you can learn more tips on content writing here.


Content writing is part of our digital life today, and many people have started writing themselves. Writing good content is not always easy, but it is possible. With the right guidance, you will be able to start doing content writing as well.