Content Writing vs. Technical Writing

Techincal writing is usually about mechanical, electronics, and their components

Many people confuse Content Writing with Technical Writing, what is the difference?

Both types of writing are not that different. Content writing and technical writing were born from the same marketplace: the internet. As businesses realize how important they are, the demand for both is quite high.

Nowadays, online business appears in every field and both have been even more needed. Learning about online business, you must have understood the importance of both writings. Or maybe you are those writers?

Content writing and technical writing are similar. Both are business texts targeting prospective customers. We all know, however, that the two are different.

What are the differences they possess? This article will show you the difference between content writing and technical writing in general.

Content writing vs. Technical Writing: General Overview

Both content writing and technical writing aim to provide informative and useful content. They have to be easy to understand, however, content writing has broader scoop compared to technical writing.

Content writing covers a wide range of themes. It may be about fashion, lifestyle, product review, etc. Content writing usually end up on the pages of a website, blogs, reviews, social media, and many others. Technical writing, on the other hand, requires specific expertise. a technical writer needs to provide precise information on the field. They should also support his writing with technical knowledge.

Now, to start the battle of content writing vs. technical writing, let’s put them on the details below:

Content Writing

As stated before, content writing has a wider domain than technical writing.

Any subject from history, management, and even technology can easily be the options of the content writer to write. The form varies from text in blog, landing page, about us page, and any other text on the internet; even meta description.

While all content is important, the most may land to blogs. Ever since its early days, blog has contributed a lot to the trust a website could get from its audience. Be it the age in which blog is only for a personal matter, to the emergence of corporate blogs.

Now, almost all of businesses with websites have blogs.

Technical Writing

Quite different from content writing, technical writing is usually more specific on technology. They may cover topics such as mechanical, electronics, and its components.

A technical writer has to design a certain document with technical information in a good way. It has to be actionable and easy to understand.

Content Writing vs. Technical Writing: the content and the background knowledge

Content Writing

Content writers commonly write light-theme contents. The main purpose of content writing is to grab the reader’s attention towards the products that are being discussed in the text. It also attempts to educate readers. With good content writing, your audience can understand more about the products. This will help them to find what they really need.

Content writing has become very popular today because there has been a significant change in the market world. The buyers now have changed their behavior in buying merchandise or products they want. Nowadays, they would go for online reviews first before they finally make a decision to purchase the product. There are also content trends in which the audience would more interested in.

Most content writers write the content as follow:

  • Blog
  • Product review
  • Catalog of products
  • Website copywriting
  • Whitepapers
  • Press release

Technical Writing

Afar from content writing, technical writing requires to involve the deep knowledge of the writer in a certain domain. If you are a technical writer, you should be an expert or at least you have a well-versed manner toward the topic you are writing.

A good technical writer can sort the materials to be included in the text. He can also accurately use the perfect words to make the text understandable and communicative for the readers.

Here is what technical writers usually write:

  • Instructions to maintain and operate equipment and hardware
  • The manuals for both programs and applications
  • Engineering classifications
  • Description of technological and production system
  • Specification of certain equipment or electronic products
  • Contents for special purposes such as optimizing, promoting technical internet sources.
  • Description of the principle of operation of various devices
  • Various FAQ

The main point of technical writing embodied a complex matter. A good technical writer should be able to create a text with a good combination of the thematic and advertising parts. For example, a certain text material is easily understandable for the readers while still providing important information for a narrow target customer of certain resources.

What we learned

From the information above, we can see that the technical writers usually have higher education in a certain field of writing. They need to have a good knowledge of terminology and how to compose them well in their writing. It is also strongly required that they can shape their broad knowledge into simple writing. They should know how to convey it to the readers who have various backgrounds and tendencies.

Writing text on technological nature is not an easy task. Not all copywriters could perform good technical content. There are two things that matter most in technical writing: literary skill and comprehensive knowledge. It’s not only about researching anymore; it’s about having basic knowledge while knowing the depth of a subject.

In creating automatic transmission, for example, you have to know well about the technological process disassembling and troubleshooting. You should also comprehend about automatic transmission works, current standards, and manufacturers.

To conclude

The difference between content writing and technical writing is that content writers have a wide range of coverage. Technical writers have to have a deep technical understanding of their own respective fields.

Both content writing and technical writing do have the same goal, which is to educate and inform readers. Content writing usually is more communicative and conversational. However, both need to convey the idea of their text with the same easy readability.

Both are now popular, and if you wish to be one of the writers, this brief explanation should be helpful for you to decide which one do you want to be. A content writer or a technical writer?