Facebook Marketplace Will Make You Tons of Cash. Here is How!

What is Facebook Marketplace?

As a social networking platform, Facebook expands its feature that is not limited only to communicate, but also to develop a business model within the platform called Facebook Marketplace. If you are an expert in social media, you must have known this platform well.

People used to employ Facebook for business. They posted their product photos on their timeline, share those with their friends and groups they belong to. Then, the Facebook team heard it and announced Facebook Marketplace in 2016 to lessen the burden of manually sharing products and gathering people.

It is a digital marketplace, like eBay and Amazon, where 2,38 billion Facebook users can sell and buy stuff with people in their surroundings. In Facebook Marketplace, once people enter the feature, they will see a lot of products that are sold in the area. The users can also filter it based on categories, location, and price.

In 2019, the number grows rapidly to 800 million people in 70 countries use Facebook Marketplace. Can you sniff the potential buyers here? 

Why do you have to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

It is a one-place app

When it was launched, 450 million users came across the buy and sell groups. Because Facebook Marketplace is categorized as a social marketplace, you can look at the sellers’ profile, see whether your friends sell something, and chat them using Facebook messenger immediately. There, buyers can negotiate the price and ask for more detailed information about the product.

You can also post what you sell on your Facebook posts to make your friends aware of your brand.

People see their Facebook often

On the desktop, this feature can be easily clicked on the sidebar, and it is one of the five tabs at the bottom of your smartphone screen. This position results in the users spend more time on Facebook.

CNN reports that teens are binge-watching on social media for up to 9 hours! Specifically, Facebook users spend 35 minutes of a day on average. It may not be a good way to spend a day, but it is a great opportunity to engage people with your products.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

1. Observe your “surroundings”

It is necessary to research your competitors, what kinds of products they sell, how they put the description, and, above all, how much the cost of the product. Consider the demand and uniqueness of your products compared to what other brands have.

A tip from Olivia Kayley, a crafter that gets $7,500 on Facebook Marketplace, is that if you put a lower price, you can get too many people directly message you. In this case, you could have given it a higher price. Furthermore, do not pass over the market price or you will not get any customers.

2. Include keywords and categories

Just like what marketplaces work, put your keyword in the title and description to help your product be on the top page. Hence, the keywords are the easiest way to increase your discoverability. It also assists buyers to find the product they want.

There are 11 top-level categories on Facebook Marketplace. Those are Vehicles, Rentals, Home & Garden, Hobbies, Home Sales, Classifieds, Entertainment, Clothing & Accessories, Family and Deals. So, before you publish your product, make sure you understand where your product should place.

3. Write a detailed and clear description

Your description is like an introduction for people who want to buy your products. Even though people can chat with you instantly, they may only want to compare and contrast products after products from different brands.

Therefore, it is important to include the size, color, materials, and specification of your product. Present a good impression!

4. Have attractive images

People do judge by its cover, so you have to ensure that your product images stand out from all competitors. People are more likely interested in a picture when they scroll on social media. Having attractive images on your Facebook Marketplace is the best way to draw in your customers.

You can use your phone to capture it, but if you find that it is not enough, use a camera instead. To get the best result, make sure you take the photo with natural light, the golden hour (hours right before the sun sets) is a perfect time. Use a white background or in front of a brick wall and aesthetic spot.

Do not excessively edit the photo! It will make the products look different than the original. Your buyers may be disappointed because of the contrast between the photo and product.

It may seem complicated, and hire a photographer may cost a lot, but you do what you can do to gain profit on your Facebook Marketplace.

5. Open yourself to negotiation and be quick!

It is normal to have the intention to get the biggest profit possible, but increasing your price can affect the number of sales.

So, do not be easily offended by people who ask discounts for your product. Count your profit and negotiate with them. Once you get their heart, they can be your loyal customers and recommend your products to their friends. People who have bought from your store can spot your listings on the top list.

Facebook rewards people with two badges that are Very Responsive Badge when you respond to the customers fast, and Community Recommended Badge, when you get a high rating on the marketplace. You will get people’s trust effortlessly when your store gets the badge, right? So, keep the spirit and work for it!

6. Share your store

The more people know your store, the more you get views on your product. You can advertise it on your Facebook post, or even across social networking platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Your followers from other social media can be potential buyers for your Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace becomes a huge phenomenon in business and competitively battle with Amazon and eBay. This feature is under Facebook, the market leader of social media which has billions of monthly active users. You can also easily release your products and engage with potential customers in one app. Understanding the benefits of using it, it is definitely worth trying, right?