A Shortcut to Finding a Social Media Topic for Your Business

ideas for social media topic

Finding a social media topic is time-consuming

Sometimes, it is frustrating to upload suitable content on your account, especially if you run social media for business. You can publish photos of your pet, engagement ring, or babies on a personal account, but you definitely cannot do that for your business account.

To upload consistently, you need to have a long list of topics on your social media.

Why do I need to publish content consistently?

Creating attractive and engaging content is important, but do not forget a key thing that you must produce content with consistency.

  • A brand that uploads consistently can build credibility and authority. Your content has a direct influence on how credible your brand is since audiences can catch that you are persistent in establishing your brand.
  • Nowadays, because the way people consume media has changed, one-way communication is not enough. You need to construct brand awareness through consistent uploads to remind audiences about your brand.
  • Continuously publishing content can keep customers loyal and engaged. It can also acquire new customers as they notice that your brand is still “alive”

Which social media topic to upload?

Each social media has its function. One focuses on building professionalism and another emphasizes entertainment and information in delivering the content.

Therefore, you should consider the platform you use first by identifying your audience.


1. Old photos

Old but gold! Facebook does value the past, so the evergreen hashtags will be #tb (throwback), and #flashback. These hashtags are popular as they can reminisce about the good old days. To employ these most used hashtags, you can post your company’s first day or events in the past, then type caption “#tb everyone!”


Have you ever encountered an image with an inspirational quote inside? This kind of social media topics is a great way to fill your timeline. Find a quote from famous people like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, or Nelson Mandela on the Internet and make it as sharable as possible.

3. Fill in the blanks

Are you familiar with this type of social media topic? It is just like what you have on textbooks, right? Creating content using fill in the blanks can engage your viewers to comment, especially on Facebook when rarely do people fill the comment section.


1. FAQ

It is reported that more than 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business. This shows that people count on Instagram for getting information about your business. You can include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as your highlight so that you do not get the same questions over and over from your audience.

2. Video profile

Studies inform that the number of online video viewership is significantly improving. It can exceed 236 million in 2020. That is why making use of IGTV to present your video profile as it can hold a video for up to  60 minutes. This can totally help you to increase your marketing reach.

3. Quiz

Do you frequently hold a giveaway? Quiz feature you can find in Instagram Stories helps you get the winner for your giveaway. Your audience only needs to click the right answers among three choices. You can just post five to seven Instagram stories inserting this feature and there you will have the winner who can answer all!


1. Infographics

Have you noticed a long image on Pinterest containing attractive information? Pinterest, since it does not have a strict size for uploading images, can be used to publish infographics.

2. Inspiration boards

What picture can inspire audiences about your brand? Traveloka, a traveling startup unicorn in Southeast Asia, upload tourism sites around the place. Make your viewers aware of what service or product you sell.

3. Recipes

Remember that more than 67 percent of Pinterest users are women. It is a suitable social networking platform if your business is in the food industry. Use Pinterest to upload recipes relating to food you offer such as vegetarian food, pasta, or dessert.


1. Vlog

YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide. The current most trending is in the form of a video blog post (vlog). Vlog is an interactive video that usually shows the life of the YouTubers. You can make a video containing tips or the CEO’s life like what Gary Vaynerchuk, a famous YouTuber and Belarusian-American entrepreneur, does.

2. Tutorials

Do you have a business that has many features that can make people confused? Publish its tutorials on YouTube.

GoDaddy, a company for registering domain and web hosting, has applied this social media topic. It teaches the audience about digital marketing, the domain also other content about creating a website.

3. Web Series

People on the Internet nowadays cannot easily be fooled by hard-selling that forces them to buy your product. Follow brands that insert storytelling in the advertisement video.

Indonesia’s Tropicana Slim created drama series “Sore” that also promoted a healthy life campaign. This series has been watched by over 3 million people!  


1. E-books

Compared to other social media LinkedIn is more professional. This platform is a perfect place to share e-book to provide interesting insights that have a connection with your brand. For example, if your brand is about social media management, you can share an e-book talking about the checklist before publishing content on social media.

2. Detailed content

This social media topic is similar to blog posts. However, sharing it with LinkedIn will evoke thoughtful comments and reactions from other professionals inside the community. For instance, if you have a business in translation services you can make a list of vocabulary used for certain industries like law, technology, and medical.

3. Behind the scene

As people on LinkedIn are hungry professionals, it is a good idea if you show what happens in your office to build trust in your audience that you work comprehensively and give information to people who are interested to work with you.

You must realize that each social media holds different functions. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram mostly use to entertain the viewers through its videos and images. Meanwhile, LinkedIn engages users with its professionalism. Therefore, before choosing and publishing content in social media, you must ensure where your audience is.