Get These Email Marketing Tools to Elevate Your Campaign Performance

Email Marketing Tools to Elevate Your Campaign Performance

Email marketing tools can advance the email marketing benefits

Adobe states that email marketing gives you a higher ROI than other forms of digital marketing with 40 USD in return when you spend 1 USD. Almost 100 percent of people check email every day which can be marketers’ opportunity to build brand awareness. Email marketing also increases revenue, engage personally with customers, and optimize your content. Hence, you must have helpful email marketing tools to maximize the benefits. 

Email design template

The plain text in the email is old-fashioned. Transform your style with these email marketing tools. They provide many templates to use.

  • SendinBlue

SendinBlue actually serves many features in email marketing. Those are landing page creation and customer relationship management (CRM). Yet, the main function is that it has more than 70 great-looking design templates. They are responsive. And, you can preview it to make sure the design looks appealing in any screen device. 

  • Campaign Monitor 

Campaign Monitor provides a drag-and-drop email builder. It is easy to use even for beginners because you do not have to understand coding. You can customize the emails to suit your brand and needs for newsletters or promotions. This email marketing tool provides A/B testing. It helps you test the subject lines, email design templates, and sender details.

Landing page

More than 60 percent of B2B businesses integrate landing pages into their marketing strategy. They aim to generate more leads and conversion. It is because landing pages are clear. So, you can direct audiences to the business objectives. You can lead them to fill a form or purchase something. 

  • Leadpages

In Leadpages, you can design an excellent landing page with the drag-and-drop editor. It is a free-code designer! Here, you can pick over 200 templates that connect to your CRM and email account.  

Building email lists and maintaining contacts

To perform how to make effective email marketing, you need a long email list and engage with them. Some email marketing tools will assist you in going about the challenge. 

  • List Builder

List Builder, developed by AppSumo, is a tool that helps you grow your email marketing list. It catches the visitors’ attention with kinds of popup options and scroll box features. You can choose embedded, smart mode, CTA, or click trigger mode. With the features, you can provoke the readers with clicks and timers. 

  • Marketo

Marketo becomes a part of Adobe Experience Cloud. As the leading CRM company, it will plan and perform your email marketing campaign. Marketo focuses its products on customer engagement by building a system. This particular system will respond to customers quickly. It also ensures the messages are received in the recipients’ inbox. 

Segmentation in email marketing

Have you designed the email and ready to send it to your subscribers? Did you consider their time zone, behavior, or status in the funnel? If you have not done it, perhaps you should check the email marketing tools below to develop your segmentation in email marketing. 

  • GetResponse

This email marketing tool helps you to send the correct types of email marketing at the right time. GetResponse can do that because it provides you with an automatic reply for post-purchase customers. It offers the delivery time that matches the subscribers’ time zone and specific segmentation in email marketing. 

  • Vero

Since Vero can manage the email workflows, you can spot every interaction and measure personalized customer messages. It uses customer data to make sure the automation system can target particular segments based on their personal experience and behavior. Therefore, you do not need to stay awake 24/7, 365, and global for managing email marketing because Vero will do the job. 

  • targets audiences based on real-time events. It means you can see their order or subscription history, every page your audiences have looked at, and everything they have done. This marketing tool can connect with your subscribers more than inserting their first name. 

  • ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign combines email template editor with sales and CRM. It permits you to classify the contact lists based on kinds of factors such as behavior, action, location, and experience. Over 70 percent of marketers think that targeted personalization can improve customer engagement. Do not worry! ActiveCampaign is ready to realize that goal.

All-in-One email marketing tools

If the email marketing tools above are too many to handle, you can register the tools below. These cover almost all email marketing activities you need. These include creating an email and testing before sending it. The all-in-one tools also analyze the outcome using summary reports about customers’ engagement, open rate, and other actions related.  

  • Litmus 

Litmus’ main focus is on tracking and testing emails. But, it also offers wealth options of customizable templates for your email. It is because they have a drag-and-drop editor. 

Before sending it to the contact lists, you can preview it on desktop or mobile devices. After that, analyze the email performance with detailed reports.

  • MailChimp

Who does not know this popular email marketing tool? If you label yourself as someone who knows how to be an email specialist, you may have been familiar with this tool. 

Here, you can create and schedule the email. MailChimp also has smart recommendations based on audience insights. Next, you are allowed to send the welcome emails, confirmations, or reminders automatically to your email subscribers. 

  • MailerLite

MailerLite divides its incredible features into 5 categories. First, create campaigns without an HTML skill required and grow your audience with the website builder, landing pages, pop-ups, and forms.

Then, you deliver the email using segmentation, personalization, or even automation. Next, optimize the campaign with A/B split testing or RSS campaigns. Last but not least, track your campaign with reports, surveys, and click maps.  Email marketing is not merely writing and sending emails. You must undergo some processes to get the desired success in this digital marketing channel. Those comprise planning the campaign, creating email templates, testing, and tracking the performance. So, the email marketing tools above are recommended to be your “assistant” in conducting email marketing.