Getting Started with Email Marketing for Online Success

They say email is dead. So is email marketing. Really?

In 2015, John Brandon from Inc. predicted that email would be outdated and replaced by other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In 2018, he intensified his assumption by showing the Gen-Z workers barely opened their email because they texted a lot, and email is left behind. For you who want or have used email marketing, should you worry about this?

No, you should not. Statistically speaking, email marketing is not dead. 99 percent of people still check their emails every single day. More than 70 percent of millennials prefer using email when they receive marketing promotion. Over 80 percent of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) still count on email marketing for customer acquisition and retention.

Email marketing is not dead, but some strategies are. People nowadays do not embrace generalization. They throw away the notion of impersonal subject, generic messages, and sales pitches writing style.

Therefore, you obviously still get the opportunity to skyrocket your business using email marketing if you apply a more personalized approach.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the commercial approaches in online marketing that directly promote your business to customers and prospects. It is similar to direct mail, but you do it electronically despite sending it by postal service.

It is used to keep your customers updated about your brand, intrigue them with exclusive offers such as vouchers, rewards, or bonuses, encourage their loyalty to always stay with you.

Why you should do email marketing?

There are many benefits of using email marketing

●    Many consumers still prefer email

From the statistic above, the majority of millennials like getting a promotional campaign through email.

It is because email is convenient due to the easy access from their smartphones. The segmentation in email marketing and personalized messages seem relevant to each customer. Moreover, compared to traditional mail, email is instant. It allows the business and customers to have two-way communication directly.

●    You can get many features in email

Social media may be popular right now. However, the posts are limited by spaces and characters. You also cannot exclusively message your audiences because the post has a general target.

In an email, you can maximize your promotion with CTA buttons, complete features of HTML, personal content, and media.

●    Email marketing brings the highest ROI

A smartphone is extraordinarily handy. When people need to buy something, it is just one tap away. This is a great chance for email marketing to promote their product with clickable CTA that leads to the e-commerce website.

That fact is validated by Lyfe Marketing which thinks that email marketing is effective because it can bring consumers to spend 83 percent more in shopping. They also purchase 44 percent larger and 28 percent more frequently than using other channels of digital marketing.

Email marketing services

Not to mention that email marketing has a lot of to-do lists. You need to build an email database, design the email template, organize contact information, and segment the subscribers.

Do not burden yourself with those tasks! Spare the duties with email marketing services. They own tools and features that can help your email marketing process simpler.

These below are the highly recommended email marketing services across the internet:

●    MailChimp

This email marketing provider is probably the most popular. MailChimp can send more than 1 billion emails a day!

Here, you can get useful features like social media integration, easily customized template, segmentation, and autoresponders. You can enjoy the fun of advanced features for free if you send 10,000 emails per month and have up to 2,000 subscribers.

Do you want to target more than that number? Go for the paid plan that starts at 9.99 USD per month.

●    Constant Contact

MailChimp may be suitable for bloggers and small websites, but Constant Contact is the best option for businesses.

You are allowed to create multiple customizations that are well-crafted and user-friendly. In addition, there are plenty of features that you cannot find in other services such as event management tools, coupons making, templates for a specific niche, and a dashboard showing the email metrics.

Outstanding features do not come for free. The email plan in Constant Contact can be purchased from 20 USD per month with 0 to 500 subscribers.

●    Hubspot

Are you familiar with a drag-and-drop blog developer? In Hubspot, you can design your email template by only dragging and dropping the items just like what you have experienced in that blog developer.

Hubspot also supports the personalization that most people like. You can filter the subscribers based on the device type, geographic area, and list inclusion.

Operate the everlasting free plan for the email tools and customer relationship management (CRM) features, along with sending 2,000 emails per month. The paid plan starts from 50 USD per month.

●    SendInBlue

SendInBlue combines email and text messages.

Are you still confused about how you can effectively build an email strategy? Do not worry. This email marketing service has designed a few pre-made automation campaigns that are curated by your specific goals.

SendInBlue has a free plan with a limit of 300 emails per day and an unlimited number of contacts. The paid plan can be purchased from 25 USD per month.

Email marketing examples

Before you put effort into producing your own email templates, take a look at these inspirational email marketing campaigns from famous brands in order to improve the quality of your content.

●    BuzzFeed

Who does not know this youthful American digital media company? BuzzFeed often shares entertaining, relevant, and up-to-date news on the website, YouTube videos, and, of course, their email newsletter.

This company added more than 1 million subscribers in 2015. And the email has an open rate of over 50 percent!

The newsletter is divided into a number of categories like animals, food, and DIY.  BuzzFeed hooks the receivers using the engaging headline “Get Up! Get Up Now!” that “commands” people to open it. 

Next, the content is already interesting even without an image because the title is attractive, such as “32 Texts That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should”. You are currently wondering what they are, right?


  • Uber

The powers of Uber’s emails are their simplicity and straightforwardness. They provide a concise text and clear CTA that is perfectly suitable for the subscribers who do not want to waste their time reading emails.

Another tactic you can steal from Uber is their consistency in designing the email that reflects their brand. They frequently apply geometric patterns and bright colors. Those strategies are Uber’s marketing assets to keep their subscribers interested.

One of the emails is their calendar integration campaign. The clever design was cleverly presented using highlighted words so that the receivers can skim well. They know you like scanning emails!

●    Poncho

Unfortunately, the company was shut down in 2018, but this weather app will always remain in people’s hearts. Instead of presenting boring weather news, they used a personal and friendly approach to tell the forecast that day.

The message in the email on the app would come from a little orange cat. It would not show you the percentages, lows, and highs. However, it reminded you like a friend: “It’s warming up so dress lightly” or “I see taco time in your future with mid-50s temps and clear skies.”

When Poncho sent you an email asking you to download the app, it would state, “This is awkward for me, but would you want to hang out outside of email?” And below the sentence, you can see options to get the app or chat on Messenger.

Isn’t it really cute?

How to do email marketing

Since you have known what email marketing is and learn from the examples, let’s start your own email marketing!

1.   Design an email marketing strategy

People receive approximately 121 emails per day. If you do not take your time to thoroughly design an email marketing strategy, your email will be “just” an email in the subscribers’ crowded inbox.

  1. Know the audience

The most effective email is a relevant and personal email. Therefore, before start thinking about the template, list your customer persona to understand exactly what they want and need.

If you already had social media or website analytics, investigate the customer behavior and top topics that your customers are engaged to.

  • Build your goals

After that, pick the email marketing goals to make you feel energized and motivated.

It can also be the measurement of whether you are successful in conducting an email marketing plan.

2.   Learn from common mistakes

Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady of the United States during her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt, once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

As a result, you should notice the common mistakes of this digital marketing approach. The top 5 email marketing mistakes you must avoid are:

  • not sending a welcome email
  • not personalizing the messages
  • inserting boring CTA
  • not employing segmentation in email marketing
  • forgetting mobile-friendly feature

There are 3,9 billion email users in 2019 and it estimatedly grows until 4,3 in 2023. Your opportunity is out there, so do not repeat the same mistakes that other marketers have done.

3.   Establish an email database

You can send the email if you have an email list. It is definitely one of the biggest assets because the most effective channel in online marketing is email marketing.

Then, people are starving to gain more email lists to promote their products and services. Some people choose to buy an email database that consists of people’s names, phone numbers, locations, and email addresses.

Although you can instantly purchase it, you can try these more natural and free attempts to grow your email database:

  • alert your website audiences with a pop-up notification which includes the CTA button
  • give a bonus to people who want to sign up their email address
  • create a private membership which requires them to register their email
  • write a compelling email that people voluntarily share and recommend it to their friends

4.   Schedule it

The most frequently asked question related to email marketing is probably “how often should I send emails?” Actually, this is a matter of your audiences and your types of email marketing.

Arrange the time when you should send promotional emails or announce the new campaign. You can add a newsletter option if you also aim to educate your subscribers.

Do not ever send the emails too often because it can be considered as spam!

The Direct Marketing Association from the UK shared their 2015 email report. It shows that the majority of marketers send email 2 to 3 times per month.

If you are still hesitant about the email sending frequency, hold a survey and ask your subscribers how many times they want to receive your emails. 

  1. Practice

You will never know whether a food is delicious or not if you do not try it yourself!

After digging deep into email marketing above, you have built a good foundation to glide and dive into creating an email marketing strategy.

3 important tips you need to hold firmly are:

  1. Write a personalized message

Email is not dead when you insert friendliness and personal touch. Treat your subscribers just like your friends so that you can develop a strong bond between you and your email receivers.

  1. Do not neglect mobile-friendliness

Many people use mobile to access their email applications, hence you need to be accustomed to their behavior. Make sure your emails are pleasingly readable from mobile devices.

  1. CTA is extremely important

CTA helps your reader to focus on what you want them to do. The strong sentences like “register now”, “claim your promo code”, or “get 25% discount here” can set up a sense of urgency so that they click the button right away.

Always remember that email is not dead. Consequently, email marketing is still alive. It is doubtlessly on-demand and explicitly useful for growing your business.