Good Copywriting Example: 100% Grab Readers’ Attention

good copywriting examples

Having a good copywriting is an open door to a successful business, here are some good copywriting example

You have realized that copywriting is very much important for marketing content. This essential element can grab your readers’ attention, drive more engagement, and increase your conversion rate on sale.

But, how can you write a good copy for your marketing? Here is absolutely great news! There are formulas and tips you can apply that have been tested out by many copywriters and storytellers. These professionals have transformed a plain explanation into an engaging copy to read.

Here are good copywriting examples listed only for you. Give these a try and see how they can cultivate your imagination of having thousands of views on your platform.

Manage Human Motivation

A human being shares the same features. Inside their brain is located triune brain. Paul D. MacLean, a neuroscientist that proposed this concept, explained that the triune brain consists of a reptilian complex, the paleomammalian complex, and the neomammalian complex.

The triune brain has strong relationships in human behaviors and the marketers make use of it to create a good copywriting example. They connect human behaviors to what they need and how to persuade them. 

Reptilian complex

This part of the triune brain deals with security feeling. It involves aggression, fight, and dominance. Especially, the reptilian complex drives people into fear.

Why do we use fear in copywriting?

Fear is an effective formula to motivate people in doing something. Dr. Goleman, a science journalist, describes fear as the trigger of the secretion and activation of the gut, muscles, and cardiovascular system. Therefore, fear can psychologically and physically powerful.

So, how do we use these traits in copywriting?

They have the motivation to get out of fear. It can be fear of losing money, safety, risk, or chance. People can also have a fear of being left behind or not safe. You can drag them to buy your product using these examples for email marketing or headline:

  • “Who’s babysitting your babysitter?” (Logitech – Questioning the safety)
  • “Ends tomorrow! Free shipping” (Victoria  Secret – Fear of missing out)

Paleomammalian complex

In contrast to the reptilian complex, the paleomammalian complex concerns emotional feelings in affection and something beneficial. Therefore, you need to serve them positive gains. You can emphasize the benefits of using your products. The good copywriting examples are presented below:

  • “Looking for a true work-life balance? Create a freelance resume and become a digital nomad” (Kickresume)
  • “You may not believe that heaven is a place on Earth, but wait until you get to #Lauterbrunnen in #Switerland.” (Busabout)

Neomammalian complex

People nowadays are not easily persuaded. They do not believe things without any facts, statistics, or data. So, show them the facts and logic!

This brings you to the behavior of a mammal, the highest species on Earth. Since mammals are smart, they cannot be conceived by merely fear or gain. They must have a strong reason before purchasing your product. 

Aflac, an insurance company, applies this factor on its landing page.

  • “90% of disabilities aren’t work-related and therefore don’t qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits.” (Aflac)
  • “Google hit with record $22.5 million penalty for improperly tracking safari users.” (Bing)

6 Persuasion Shortcuts to Saying Yes

These shortcuts are proposed by Robert Cialdini, a psychologist from the University of Arizona. These help readers to quickly decide whether they will buy your product or not. In copywriting, persuasion shortcuts aim to get readers’ attention, increase their desire, and grow the conversion rate.


It is used in endorsement because Liking promotes the products with the help of lovable figures.

  • “@MirandaKerr will be sharing her favorite self-care tips tomorrow..” (Kora Organics)
  • It’s more than dinner—it’s a dining experience. Gordon Ramsay returns with a second cooking MasterClass to teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests. (MasterClass)


The consensus is usually applied for the headline or tagline. It emphasizes current trends, so people do not want to miss out.

  • “Fear of missing out. (It’s real). Don’t miss another Boutique if you can help it.” (Rue La La)
Rue la la
  • “The 2014 Express Next Rewards Program has started. Don’t miss out!”


You are more interested in people that give you something, right? It is either food, money, or love. Reciprocity suggests you hand over things for free first. You can intensify your products’ free trials. These are examples for you:

  • “Buy one cantina bowl, get one free” (Taco Bell)
  • “Free mystery gift card worth from $5 up to $500!*” (Century 21)


People love to be consistent with the things they have done or said before. That is why in trial or the general public, people ideally write their commitments for saying truthfully throughout the whole court process.

  • “You’re in the driver’s seat. Join millions of students crafting a unique learning experience to help them get where they want to go.” (Skillshare)
  • “You’re ready to grow. Now what?” (MailChimp)


You will see this kind of persuasion in testimonials or endorsements. Similar to Liking, this shortcut form someone’s authority, not just a lovable figure. Those are people like politicians, scientists, or certified people in any field.

  • “HubSpot was easy to use from the very start. Within two weeks, we had analytics functioning, ..” Ethan Griffin – CEO of Groove (HubSpot)
  • “We’ve increased our sales from 20–25% since we’ve implemented ChowNow and would never look back.” – Brian Reyelt, Co–owner of Tasty Burger (ChowNow)


Scarcity is close to fear. You highlight the limited time to make people scared of losing it. They will immediately take action, purchase or register to your service. This can be a good copywriting example since they only have a little amount of time.

  • Free gift for first 100 purchases! (Huawei)
  • In high demand – only 2 rooms left on our site!

Good copywriting examples are needed if you want to catch your viewers’ interest. Those examples above can be used in marketing forms such as email marketing, pamphlets, landing page, or even voucher cards.