Growing Email Lists with the Best Database Providers

Best email database providers

Are you looking for the best email database providers?

The best email database providers can support you if you struggle in building a database containing people’s profiles.

Having an email database is not only one of the most valuable assets in email marketing, but also a huge challenge. Even though email marketing has a lot of benefits such as communicating with your audiences, increasing traffic, and even growing your sales, you have to put enormous efforts to get a proper email database.

Almost 60 percent of marketers admit that email contributes to their ROI than any other channel. However, not enough subscribers can prevent marketers to spend the business expense on email campaigns. In this case, the best email marketing providers can be the hero that can save you from zero subscribers.  

What is an email database?

An email database is a list of names and email addresses of a business’s customers. Yet, you can go beyond those pieces.

You can also have their location, preference in a certain topic, profession, or even phone numbers. It is a matter of how you can get the information. Some businesses choose to gather it by themselves with their membership or bonuses, but others choose to buy it from the best email database providers.

Why you need it

  • Grow your revenue

Campaign Monitor reveals that the subscribers in email marketing by 4,24 percent more than search engines (2,49) and social media (0,59). When you have a long list of email database, imagine how many you can get!

  • Have a deep understanding of the target market

Email database records important information like subscribers’ preference or location. As a result, you can know how to make effective email marketing because you can match the campaign with what they want.

  • Easily access the active users

If you use social media, how can you contact them personally? You may be neglected when you chat with them by DM. In line with this problem, you can contact your customers to their email address that you find in the email database.

  • Maintain customer retention

Your customers perhaps frequently purchase from your e-commerce. Or, you spot that today is his birthday! Send a voucher code to their email to gain their loyalty.

What are criteria of the best email database providers must have?

  • Speed and accuracy

The best email data providers need to send a valid email list that can convert. Furthermore, you may have preferable segmentation in email marketing, right? Therefore, if they claim themselves as the best, they should immediately meet what you want.

  • The refund policy of inaccurate data

If you found the data is fake or inaccurate, they should have a refund option. Otherwise, they are untrusted email database providers.

  • Competitive price

The price range must be affordable and in accordance with what they offer.

  • Regular updates

Some email lists may be expired or they find changes in the details. Therefore, they have to let you know about that.

The best email database providers

1. Infodataplace

Established in 2003, Infodataplace has covered 43 industry segments in B2B and B2C.

The B2B mailing lists contain company name, contact name along with the job title and gender,  direct email and postal address, phone number, and even the annual sales. They offer you wealth options of industries such as advertising, automotive, medical or healthcare industry, and technology users. Meanwhile, if you look for the B2C email marketing database, you can divide your segmentation based on their age, interest, income, and location.

Infodataplace provides high quality and accuracy in their email list that will be updated every 60 days. It does cover all of the best email database provider’s qualifications, right?

2. Email Database Marketing

This email database provider will connect you with 37 million B2B contacts! You can select the list based on their location, industry types, revenue sizes. or market value. The data delivery is satisfying with only 48 hours of waiting. It guarantees you with no fears of spam complaints and perfectly targeted audiences.

In Email Database Marketing, you can get free plan and demo sessions about their database services. This will help you make sure their products and services. Some of their clients are Swarovski, Content Marketing Institute, and ON24.

3. Global Database

Another option for your email database provider is Global Database. It has 66 million contacts and 73 million company profiles from 195 countries. To guide you in finding ideal customers, they set 100 filtering criteria. You can download the email lists to XLS, Salesforce, and API. 

Global Database has supported many well-built companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and KPMG. They are open if you want to request a demo by only filling your full name, email, phone number, and company. Then, you can enjoy their 5-minute free trial.

4. Fresco Data

Fresco Data provides a global B2B and B2C data portfolio that ranges more than 90 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, and Singapore. It covers 3,5 billion B2C contacts and 100 million B2B records. Hm, the quantity seems promising, right?

Their rich repository will show you consumer contact with emails and phone numbers, along with social profiles that Fresco Data takes from legal and opt-in data sources. Some famous clients they have worked with are Google, Samsung, HP, and The Economist.

If you are still not sure, they guarantee 85 percent to 100 percent data accuracy depending on the demographics and type of list you want. They also make sure 99 percent of inbox landing deliverability.

5. AeroLeads

Do you look for detailed B2B data? Go check AeroLeads’ services and products. This email database provider is well-known for email prospecting and they have worked with multiple websites such as LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and AngelList. Therefore, you can ensure that the email lists in AeroLeads are active prospects and users.

The procedure is amazingly easy. You just have to sign up and install their free chrome plugin to get verified email addresses, business phone numbers, etc. Go to LinkedIn Search or other websites, then add the relevant leads and prospects using their widget. Next, it will show you the data you need.  Making email lists is hard work. However, you can simply purchase it from the best email marketing providers you trust.