A Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Dummies

Email marketing for dummies

Email marketing for dummies, how can you start?

Have you ever registered for a seminar or website, and one day you receive an email for the institution? That is what we call as email marketing. It seems easy. You get people’s email address, you send them an email. But, how you should do that? This guide of email marketing for dummies will surely help you.

What is email marketing?

We can’t separate copywriting from email marketing, can’t we?

Email marketing is the act of direct marketing to promote commercial items using electronic mails. This promotion will be sent to a large number of people if the company has already had the list. It maintains the loyalty of previous customers or welcomes the new email subscribers.

Why does your business need email marketing?

It is predicted that every company or newbie entrepreneur wants to minimize their budget in their marketing campaign. Email marketing is a great way to start since it can cost almost zero. Here, you just need an internet connection and a person to write and send the letters.

More importantly, email marketing is paperless! You can save the environment while working on the business.

Even though email marketing seems out of date, HubSpot reported that 93% of marketers still use email to spread content and 99% of potential consumers also check their emails every single day. Do you want to engage millennials? Email marketing is suitable for you because 73% of this generation loves to do business communication by email.

Email Marketing Strategy

Build your subscribe list

The most important in email marketing is you must possess an email addresses list. Here are how to get an email list for free!

1. Promote your newsletter in social media

“8,000+ people have joined my newsletter. You will get my up-to-date notes and summary.” That is what Ali Abdaal, a Cambridge doctor and YouTuber with 559k subscribers, says in each of his videos. He emphasizes what people will get once they join his newsletter.

A newsletter is significant in this chapter. People will subscribe to your website and get an update from you. Therefore, keep them updated by sending them emails containing valuable information. You cannot just expose them to your product selling.

Ali Abdaal, for instance, sends an email about thoughts, quotes, or links to resources such as podcasts or books he finds interesting that week. He will send you an email every Sunday. In this case, he gets two positive examples you can follow. First, he offers value to email receivers. Second, he makes a schedule that people can expect to.

2. Give them a free resource

Aileen Xu, whose channel is Lavendaire, often creates a series on her YouTube channel. For example, when she uploads the Dream Life Series, a series that talks about a guide for developing the future, she offers her audiences to input their email addresses to get a free worksheet.

According to a psychologist from the University of Arizona, Robert Cialdini, people like free things. You do not have to be a YouTuber to give them a free worksheet.

If you are an entrepreneur in vegetarian food, for example, you can build your email list by exchanging it with a free vegetarian food recipe. People will be instantly interested since they get benefits once they subscribe to your website.

3. Create an event

Another way to have a long list of email addresses is to create an event. Do not bother to have a huge event in a big building. In this digital era, you can build your troops through an online platform.

In Indonesia, there is a new trend of having online lectures through WhatsApp called Kuliah WA (Kulwa) or WhatsApp lecture related to their product. For example, people from digital marketing agencies will teach the participants about how to promote a product. Eventually, they offer their services about digital marketing.

Usually, people get a broadcast from friends or colleagues about that Kulwa. Then, they need to fulfill an online form asking their name, email address, and WhatsApp number. By using a form, you can also get any information you want to understand what kind of people that are interested in your event and niche.

Make it personal

The receivers should know that you “speak” to them. Using their first name or their company’s name is significant to make them feel like friends with us and stay connected.

Kipp Bodnar, a Vice President for marketing software platform HubSpot, said the personalized email is much more likely to be opened by receivers. If you use pronouns like you or simply write “Hi, there”, people will realize that the email is sent to many people.

Attractive subject

The thing you must keep in mind is writing your subject concisely. Nowadays, 51% of emails are accessed on a smartphone. Consequently, the more short and captivating the lines, the more chance receivers will receive to see your emails.

To keep it short, you can use symbols, numbers, or emojis. Instead of writing “half price”, you can shorten it to “½” since it reduces the space email subject.

Include interesting links and Call to Action

Nowadays, people like practical things. If you write a long link to your email body, people will be less interested to visit it. Add Call to Action such as “Read Here” or “Click Here” with a pop-up color to stand it out. Make use of a good copywriting to encourage potential email receivers to click the links.

Do not email inconsistently

Ali Abdaal announces Sunday as the day he will send the newsletter. It is a great example to start your email marketing strategy. People can look forward to his newsletter every Sunday. You also cannot send them an email too often! They surely unsubscribe your email since the receivers may see it annoying and they will get bored. Just be sure to always be creative in doing your campaign.

Email marketing can be an effective way to preserve your customers’ loyalty and keep growing a number of new subscribers. A guide to email marketing for dummies is emphasized in building your subscribers list, making your email personal, creating a powerful subject, inserting Call to Action, and scheduling when people can get information from you.