How to Be A Copywriter with Zero Experience


A copywriter is in demand, learn how to become a copywriter!

Susan Greene, a copywriter with 25-year experience, stated the demand for copywriting is great and growing. When she started her career years ago, her works were only limited in printed copies. Yet, right now web copywriters are highly requested. That is why aspiring copywriters need to set their time to learn how to write a great copy.

Many companies need your help in crafting appealing words for their marketing products. Some of them are landing pages, product descriptions, newsletters, and subscription pages. Sometimes, you are also obliged to write SEO copy, so search engines can index the company website. The sooner you apply steps on how to become a copywriter, the faster you can grow your charge.

How to become a copywriter

1. Know the market

The marketing campaign moves to the digital platform. So, copywriters for online copies have been in demand. There are varieties of online copywriting like social media and Google ads.

Knowing the market helps you realize how you can be their copywriters. For example, some companies prioritize social media ads, while others prefer looking for people who know technical copywriting. Learning how much you will earn is also important. Hence, you do not only pursue a career that you are passionate about, but also create a living from.

2. Get to know yourself

After recognizing what the market needs, understand which types of copywriting match with your skill, knowledge, and interest. Prepare yourself first before applying to companies or promote yourself as a freelancer. You can learn from copywriting courses or a one-meeting seminar. 

Before the internet existed, the field of this profession was limited. It ranged only from writing a script for TV commercials, advertisement agencies, to direct mail campaigns. Once Google came in, you have abundant options. Take a look at the currently popular types of copywriting are:

  • Product description
    Learn how to become a copywriter in product description is helpful when you join e-commerce or online businesses. It tells customers about the details of the product. Those can be the features, problems, along with the solutions your product offer.
  • Landing page
    A landing page is where a visitor “lands” when they click a link in an email, YouTube, or Instagram. You may have encountered this page when you want to sign up for a platform or join a webinar.
  • Sales email
    From many emails you have received, there must be promotional emails. It is when a company asks you to buy something, announce a new product campaign, or send you a voucher. Those are sales email that requires good copywriting skill.
  • About me/us page
    You do not only sell product or service, but also your brand. Hence, creating a promising an About Us page is essential for your business. Why people like Apple? The products are expensive and it becomes one of the most hated brands. Yet, their brand copywriting is delightful. It ranges from their slogan “Think different” to the exclusivity they show on their About page.
  • Video script
    The copywriting field is not limited in written form only. A video advertisement can be one of your specializations. Wyzowl conducted a survey that results in 80 percent of consumers buy a product after watching a brand’s video. Companies will not take this statistic for granted. Hence, they need an expert to produce the video.

All types above need copywriting because those encourage audiences to do an action. You can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or buy your product without them feeling forced.

After you decide and get accustomed to the types of copywriting, you may think about the niche of your copy. For example, you are interested in writing copy for travel and beauty, or B2B and B2C companies.

Some need other skills like SEO in landing page and technical knowledge if you write for the health or gastronomic sector, for example. Moreover, The words used for those industries will be different from each other.

3. Try it out first

Before jumping into a full career, get a copywriting freelance. First, you will get a better understanding of yourself and which copywriting you focus on. Furthermore, you can get money and build your credibility on mastering the characteristics of good copywriting. Since you have created some copies, companies will know how well you work in this industry.

Do not forget that you earn a network during this process. You can create long-term relationships and be their full-time copywriter in the future. If they do not afford that, they can endorse your copywriting skill on LinkedIn. Then, it will make your future employer impressed.

4. Learn to brand yourself

While you are refining your freelance process on how to make a good copy, build your portfolio. Some options are owning a website, writing as a guest blog with high reputability, and integrating social media.

Do not let your writing speaks for itself because it often does not work. It is rare to find someone leading to your blog, that is why channeling to other websites is necessary. People can read your post and fall in love with your skill. You can direct them to your portfolio website from that esteemed websites like Moz, Hubspot, and SEMrush. Or,  join events and seminars to announce your writing to the world.

5. Specialize

You will never know unless you try it yourself. Some agencies and expert copy writers happen to be specialists in a certain niche because they have tried different types. Eventually, they can choose which one fits them the best.

Yet, when you start working on this field, play around with different kinds of copywriting and charge. After that, pay attention to what your clients need the most and what they mostly ask you. In this case, you will be able to move from generalist to specialist. Now, you have absorbed how to be a copywriter. After reading this, make your first step on knowing the market and noticing what your interests are. Good luck!