A Practical Guide on How to Be A Social Media Expert


Who is a social media expert?

As social media becomes the key role of marketing in this digital age, social media expert is highly on demand.

Being a social media expert means that he knows the ins and outs of social media marketing (SMM). This person is responsible for understanding social media tools and analytics and eventually achieving marketing goals such as the growth of conversion rate, engagement, and reach.

To prove the ability of a social media expert, the improvement of those marketing objectives then must be shown on the statistics and data.

Do you want to get a high number of statistics on social networking platforms? Understand completely how a social media expert works using a practical guide below.

How to be a social media expert

Do thorough observation

Gather information

You can strive to get a bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations, communications, or English literature to fill the formal requirement of being graduated from university. However, you can get incredibly insightful knowledge outside formal learning.

Joining professional training, seminars, and workshops is another interesting way to acquire social media marketing knowledge such as strategies and solutions for problems regarding it.

However, you may still find those learning programs related to digital marketing are expensive. So, you can join online courses instead such as Udemy, Masterclass, and Skillshare since they are cheaper, and it can be accessed anywhere on earth!

If you have a fashion business online, it is suggested that you visit the class of Diane Von Furstenberg, a Belgian fashion designer, and icon, on Masterclass. She will teach you how to build a brand and how to make it stand out among thousands of businesses in the fashion industry.

Learn new methods

The algorithm and changes in social media have always been changed. Therefore, you need to learn new methods to keep yourself updated with the new changes.

Nielsen states that US adults spend nearly half a day on social media. It can be a good opportunity to publish content on social media, but the challenge you face is getting people’s attention. By learning and applying new methods such as in your content video format or the Instagram carousel, you will keep your audience paying attention because they will not get bored. 

Compare and contrast what makes you unique

Branding is important to build an impression on consumers and let them know what to expect from your products.

It is what makes Starbucks different from other coffee cups out there. It is expensive and it may taste similar to another coffee shop. Yet, people still choose it compared to a less expensive cup of coffee. Therefore, observe the prominent distinctness between your brand and others.

You can start by creating a name, logo, packaging, or additional features that cannot be found in other brands. However, this is just the surface level. In social media, make your content valuable and unique by emphasizing why people choose you among your competitors.

Understand that if you’re working for a social media agency, different clients like in technical, health, and fashion industries need different strategies. As a social media expert, you need to savvy the brand along with its audiences and competitors to stand out the clients’ brand.

Learning by doing

Forbes Coaches Council stated experimental learning is necessary to get to know the real-world environments, then reflect on the performances.

So, if you do not explore and try yourself what features in particular social media you use, you will be left behind, especially in understanding social media algorithms. This is a kind of puzzle for social media marketing.

It includes how to use hashtags, when to publish your content, and which accounts to tag. Social media algorithms can be overwhelming when you first know this. Therefore, try it one by one and get immediate feedback on how to use this. You can also try social media tools to help you.

Even though expertise means a high level in a particular field, being a social media expert is not enough if you only understand the notion of social media marketing. As this field is a part of digital marketing, you are required to have at least basic knowledge on content creation, sales, funnels, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and general marketing concept.

It is because a brand cannot be built by social media itself. A well-built brand also extends its market and opportunity to a website and email.

Connect and collaborate

Collaborate with influencers

In social media, collaborating is extremely helpful to build brand awareness. Influencers on social media can deliver the Return on Investment (ROI) eleven times as high as the other forms of digital marketing.

To be an expert in social media you have to recognize the potential influencers. Try to connect with them by liking or commenting without mentioning your product first. It aims to build trust so that they have willing to collaborate with you since you have given them feedback.

It is hard to reach influencers that have thousands of followers, right? Why do not you ask micro-influencers instead?

Micro-influencers are like common people, so their followers will not prominently realize that they are being advertised. They are just friends recommending stuff to their pals. It is beneficial since a study has shown that 82 percent of Americans ask their peers for advice before buying something, then these micro-influencers can recommend your product!

Join a community

92 percent of people under 40 realize that a like-minded community provides a valuable experience. It is no doubt since a community of professionals can share the best ideas and insights!

You can join a social media expert community in your city or, if you cannot find any, you can join any online community. It offers you countless access to services or influencers they have known and leads to brand visibility.

Being a social media expert does not happen overnight! You need to learn thoroughly about the field by joining professional training or online courses. A social media expert also needs to try by himself the features they can use on social media. Connecting and collaborating with influencers and a shared-passion community can also build the competence of social media experts.