How to Be an Email Specialist Instantly

Do you want to know the behind-the-scene of how to be an email specialist?

You perhaps always wonder why you receive a lot of emails every day. It is because a person who understands perfectly how to be an email specialist does their works.

Email marketing contributes over 20 percent of overall revenue and the email marketing specialists want to keep it that way or even improve the number. To make the goal happens, they have to make you feel entertained and inspired so that you click through the CTA button and buy something from their brand.

Some specific workflow must be done, so you as the receiver can enjoy the message and crave for more.

What email marketing specialists do

Do you think they only write the emails and send those right away? It does not work as easy as you might think. There are plenty of works to do for an email marketing specialist.

Before they write an email

Their duties start before they even type the email you receive. First, email marketing specialists must design a long-term email marketing strategy and goal to build a foundation for their campaigns. After that, they create specific email campaigns like promotions, seasonal campaigns during New Year or Halloween, newsletter, and other types of email marketing. 

The next thing to do is making sure the business has an email marketing list. Here, they can decide whether to buy it from email database providers or practice the steps on how to build an email database like giving a bonus, holding an event, or releasing an exclusive membership.

Then, they will develop segmentation in email marketing so that you can get a more personalized message.

When they are working on the email

After ensuring the foundation is strong, they open the email marketing services such as MailChimp, SendInBlue, or Hubspot. Some may not use these services, but even the free plan of the tools can lessen their burden in creating an email template, filtering the subscribers based on the preferences, and analyzing the metrics.

Later, they will type and proofread the copy for emails, but testing it for optimization and device-friendliness before hitting the send button.

After the emails are sent

The works do not end when the emails are sent. Email marketing specialists need to monitor and analyze the performance of the campaigns they have designed.

The email marketing specialists have to double check the statistical results with their strategy and goal at the beginning. In accordance with this case, they have to develop metrics that can be the measurement of success.

Therefore, a well-built company does not only have one marketing specialist, especially the ones which have kinds of campaigns and newsletters like media and e-commerce.

An email marketing specialist must have these qualifications

Now, you have realized the job descriptions of email marketing specialists.

To tackle all of the works, they must not only master marketing, but also communication, customer engagement, and retention.

Moreover, they need to understand basic HTML and CSS on web design and good taste in graphic design. to create email templates. Not to mention, statistical knowledge to process the data they on the email campaigns’ performance must also be their competence.

How to be an email specialist

Learn online marketing and storytelling

As email marketing is part of online marketing, you should understand how the field you are going to dive into works.

Frequently, the email you write has a link to website or social media and vice versa. Therefore, you have to be accustomed to the terms and concepts to work together with other members in the marketing division.

The keys to being successful in email marketing are engagement and personalization. To captivate the subscribers’ attention and keep their loyalty, you must deliver great content that flows in the email. It can be excellently done by understanding storytelling.

Learn basic design and HTML

Of course, the main component of an email is the words. Yet, do you realize that most of the time even you yourself scan and skim the long text? Correspondingly, you need to get creative by integrating an appealing design in your email. Get your taste and personality from the stunning color palette!

You may think that you can rely on the drag-and-drop email services instead of learning a complex code of HTML. However, knowing basic HTML email can help you to get more responsive and original outcomes. 

Make an account on email service

With the number of responsibilities, email marketing specialists will be easily overwhelmed. There are many options for email marketing services that can relieve your stress, so do not bother to do it manually. 

Do not worry! They mostly offer free trial or plan for beginners to try their amazing features. You can begin experiencing yourself with the layout and features.

Find your email marketing list

You can now congratulate yourself that you have been used to the email marketing services as your magic tool on how to be an email marketing specialist.

At this stage, make sure you have a list of email addresses to send your well-crafted copy. If you do not own any, you can first promote the email subscription on your social media and tell your followers the benefits of subscribing to your email marketing.

Send your first email

You have prepared for everything and go send your first email to your subscribers. Do it continuously until you meet the desired result.

Reflect on what you have done and see what you can improve. Do not ever get trapped with common email marketing mistakes made by beginners. Those can obviously annoy your subscribers. Finally, you can pursue your career in this field as you have caught the idea of how to be an email marketing specialist. When you do not give up and learn constantly, you will meet the qualifications. Still, if you want to gain a professional level, you can register for licenses or certifications as a market research analyst or get a degree in related majors.