How to Build Email Database from Scratch Significantly

To be successful in email marketing, know how to build email database first

In terms of ROI, online marketing is the king compared to other types of online marketing. Based on Adobe, if you use email marketing, you will get 40 USD on ROI per 1 USD spent. It even exceeds SEO and keyword Ads combined! However, when you do not know how to build an email database and start it from zero, it may seem impossible.

Moreover, it is five times as much more expensive than keeping the existing one. For example, you strive for more numbers in social media and focus to attract new followers by using hashtags and ads, right? The same applies to email marketing when 44 percent of businesses intensify customer acquisition than retention (only 18 percent more care about the retention). 81 percent of them use email as their channel to get new customers.

Do you also want to improve your customer acquisition and become zero to hero in email marketing? Here how you can start your email database even from scratch!

  1. Include CTA on blogs and pages

Do you ever encounter a pop-up notification when you enter a website? It usually offers you something and there are options “Yes, I need it” or “No, thanks”. This is how many businesses that own a website attract their website audiences to join the email subscription: using a call to action (CTA).

Get your personalized CTA as Hubspot has found that this strategy will result in a 42 percent growth of your view-to-submission rate.

For instance, when you write a blog post titled “how to start a blog”, why would not you persuade people with a compelling CTA like “Download a free template for beginner bloggers here”. Then, you can direct them to sign up for their email list.

  1. Insert an email option in social media icon

When people find your article or email interesting, they can have the urge to share it with their friends or colleagues. This method on how to build an email database definitely works since you use the concept of trust. The friends who receive the email get it from the trustful buddy, right? They will most likely click and be interested in your brand.

Therefore, you need to have a sharable button not only to social media but also to email. You can put it in one of the types of email marketing like newsletter or the welcome email. Insert it in each of your posts will be a big yes too!

  1. Write a compelling email

Writing a captivating message in the email can direct them to share it, hence you get a new subscriber effortlessly. You do not know when the subscribers will recommend you to their friends, so keep your email entertaining and insightful enough.

Begin with the interesting subject line. You can add humor and make the receivers feel like they are your inner circle. Still, keep it less than 30 characters so that they can see it at first glance.

Next, avoid the common email marketing mistake by using formal and sales-pitching language. Instead, try to write personal emails that are suitable for your audience personas.

  1. Give a bonus

Who does not like free things, anyway?

When you use the CTA and encourage the viewers to sign up, you need to provide them something in return. This fourth tip of how to build an email database can become the lead magnet that intrigues people to directly sign up. The kinds of exclusive offers you can promote are discount vouchers, free ebooks or worksheets, buy 1 get 1, online seminars, and free consultation.

Match the lead magnets with your business. To illustrate, if you have a travel business, you can provide a free itinerary to some destinations once people register their email address. Many e-commerces have given free shipping and some streaming applications like Netflix or Spotify offer a free trial.

  1. Promote on your social media

Integrating the email marketing promotion to your social media is impressively effective. You may still have zero subscribers in your email database, but it does not mean that you also own no network at all, right?

Pitch the benefits of enrolling in the email subscription to your social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or people around you. The YouTuber Ali Abdaal frequently shares his newsletter on their subscribers. He convinces them to join because he provides ideas and insights that are not shared on his YouTube videos.

Should you feel uncomfortable when promoting your email subscription, you can add a signature to your email. Therefore, every time you communicate with people through email, they can see your newsletter or landing page that explains about the subscription.

  1. Collect the email database from your store

Have you been asked to join the membership of a store? The shopkeeper occasionally requests you to fill the form, right? It consists of personal information like your name, job, address, and email address. They clearly want to build their email database.

So, why do not you try it yourself? This can be a potential way to grow your customer acquisition from email. As they have become your store membership, give them advantages that make them stay.

Take a look at Starbucks membership. They provide some rewards like a birthday reward, free refills, and promotional coupons sent from the email or mobile application.

  1. Hold an event

If you do not have an offline store, you can hold an event that is special only for the subscribers. It can be a seminar or conference in which you become the host or speaker. Try to make the email registration as the requirement, so the participants have to sign up for your subscription if they want to join.

The offline seminar can be pricey, complicated, and limited to people in a certain area only. Thanks to the technological development that you can hold an online event. Host an online webinar and say they link to the webinar will be sent to the participants’ email address. Or, they need to register themselves from your website. Those are 7 effective ways on how to build an email database drastically even though you still have few subscribers. Which strategy do you consider the simplest?