How to Integrate SEO in Copywriting Like an Expert

This article will explain about how to integrate your SEO to your copywriting.

Integrating SEO in copywriting for business

Do you have a business? Nowadays, the most important thing in business is to develop a good foundation for marketing. People can just rely on social media like Instagram or Facebook to promote their products. However, to make your business more trusted, build a website, and understand how to integrate SEO in copywriting.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method to elevate the effectiveness of your content in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo using specific keywords. It is a process to get more traffic using organic search results.

For example, when you search “tips for productivity”  on Google, you will encounter abundant results, right?

The first list of the results is the website that has a great understanding of SEO. It is because Google reads the content and thinks that the website offers the best quality for you by matching it with the keywords you type.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing texts containing persuasive and attractive words. It is used in various platforms like social media and websites. You can also see copywriting in offline texts such as books, pamphlets, and banner.

The popular example will be “Buy One Get One” or “Today is a flash sale day!” You surely see them in malls or e-commerce, right? After knowing there is a flash sale, you are attracted to immediately visit the store. That is how powerful copywriting is.

Why is it important to integrate SEO in copywriting?

SEO aims to make your website become the top list on search engines. SEO and copywriting is a great way to persuade your potential customers while being recognized by Google.

The Washington Post informed that the majority of people on the internet rarely scroll until the search result number five. They always hastily click the first link.

Therefore, if you reach number one of the search engines, hence you will effectively expand your market and grab prospective customers to purchase your product from Google or else. 

How to integrate SEO in copywriting

Are you now realizing how important to integrate SEO in copywriting? Pack your content with relevant keywords is essential for growing your business. These tips below will guide you on how to create a copy that is also loved by search engines.

Do research

Before you write a copy containing SEO, you must research popular keywords on the internet. So, are you wondering how Google examines and chooses the rank of a website?

Google has built a ranking system in the search engine results page. When it was first built, Google read the keyword density. For example, if you put the keyword “vintage sofa” over and over again, Google would immediately label your website a good SEO site.

However, it happened long ago. Today, Google is developed in a smarter way. If you keep focussing on the keyword density, you will not even be glanced by Google. Right now, Google figures out the overall topic and counts on the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

What is the LSI keyword?

We are back to the example “vintage sofa”. Other related topics will be “home decor”, “furniture”, or “antique house design”. LSI generator on the internet such as LSIGraph, LSIKeyword, or will decrease your burden in searching connected keywords.

In LSIGraph, when you type “vintage sofa”, other LSI keywords like “vintage loveseat”, “antique victorian sofa”, and “vintage floral couch” will pop up like magic. You can also notice how many the LSI keywords have been used in the Volume column.

Write the primary keywords in..

Page title

The marketing executive, David Ogilvy, stated five times as people will see the headline as read the body copy. The same does occur for Google. It glances the title on the page first, then it moves to the body.

So, make sure you put your primary keyword in the page title to create an SEO-friendly post.

The first sentence on the page

The Spire Advertising, a certified consultant company, suggested putting your primary keyword in as early as possible in the first paragraph. You can also repeat the keywords in the rest of the paragraphs.

Yet, put in your mind that you CANNOT write the primary keywords too often since it can be categorized as keyword stuffing. You can replace the primary keywords with listed LSI keywords you have found.

Meta description

Previous to hitting the Publish button, write meta descriptions to help search engines read your site. It guides your potential visitors to understand what you are going to share on the page.

Mention your primary keyword in the meta description because Google applies the meta description as the snippet on its page. It has the purpose of leading people to click your site.


Have you seen a website repeating a certain keyword in their articles? For example, they use headings like these “Tips for Backpacker #1: …”, “Tips for Backpacker #2: …” and so on. They want to complete the SEO requirements in copywriting.

Include images

Multimedia play an important role to integrate SEO in copywriting. If you put an image, for example, you can put alternative text (alt-text) to push the SEO rankings in your article. You may see the result on the Image tab on Google.

Most importantly…

Do not force keywords when you write a copy. It is important to write naturally for real humans and turn your visitors into potential customers. If they get the feeling and emotion after reading your persuasive copy, you are successful in increasing your conversion rate. That is the main goal of a business.

Write readable content and combine it with relevant keywords. Learn to smoothen your writing that uses SEO by reading other SEO articles.

This article on how to integrate SEO in copywriting can be successfully finished when you really apply it to your website. SEO and copywriting are definitely a great combination to grow your rankings on search engines and attract readers’ attention at once.