How To Make an Engaging Blog Posts That Will Make Your Readers Want More

Not all bloggers know how to make an engaging blog

In 2019, Quoracreative predicted that in 2020, more than 30 million people in the US will label themselves a blogger. Well, anyone can blog since the platforms are handy and accessible whenever and wherever you are. However, how to create an engaging blog is a matter of question.

Many people have tried blogging and they felt that blogging did not contribute at all for their website. Those may have known why blogs could help the website, but they did not dig deeper into how they can make blogs beneficial for them.

More than 4 billion searches on Google per day can be both opportunities and challenges to make your blog post stand out among millions of sites on search engines. Remember that you have to not only attract Google’s eyes to get the high rank but also capture your readers’ heart by providing a great blog which contains useful insights and information.

Here are 8 formulas to create a great blog!

1. Create a powerful headline

Having a catchy headline and high-quality blog post is immensely important if you want to get success in the competitive online marketing.

This is a bad example, but hoax has a powerful headline. It arouses people’s curiosity, so they are influenced to click the link and share the information. If it does not strong enough, many people will not get trapped, right? The same applies to your blog post’s headline (but it must be in a good way).

Buzzsumo has analyzed 100 million headlines and concluded how to make a good headline. Some phrases have been listed to guide you in generating headlines that make people click:

  • “Will make you” (10 Suggestions from Elon Musk That Will Make You Feel Motivated)
  • “Shocked to see” (You Will Be Shocked to See This New Trend of Marketing)
  • “X things only” (7 Things Only An Expert Content Writer Knows)

2. Write an eye-catching intro

Once people open your blog post, their eyes will immediately lay on the headline and introduction. Therefore, before they scroll to the body and continue reading it, you need to grasp their attention by writing a compelling introduction.

The list below is a glimpse of tips on how to make a good intro which has been put down here.

  • Provide a fascinating fact or statistics
  • Ask a question which can trigger their interest
  • Use famous quote in your niche 
  • Employ a personal story so that your reader can relate and be emotional

3. Deliver personalized content

It is mentioned that you need to win the audiences’ hearts to make an engaging blog. A creative method is to integrate storytelling into your article.

Kimberly A. Whitler, a senior contributor of Forbes, informed that this type of content becomes the marketers’ priority because of 3 reasons: it enables them to build a strong connection with the readers; it helps them in transmitting knowledge, and it allows customers to have a difference in viewing your brand.

4. Keep your sentences short

Remember that your blog is different from your essay in university or high school. Do not write long and boring paragraphs, otherwise, your readers will close your website.

Ezra Pound, an American poet, said, “Good writers are those who keep the language efficient. That is to say, keep it accurate, keep it clear.” Short paragraphs increase the readability of your blog post and less burden your readers in reading the text. 

If your audiences spot your blog only contains paragraphs, they may get bored even though you have put the main idea at the beginning of each paragraph. You need to realize that blog posts are not necessarily to be read word by word, it aims to be skimmed by the readers. Therefore, add heading tags to differentiate the sub-topic in your posts. 

5. Follow the rules

Whenever you read something and it contains error spelling or grammatical mistakes, you directly have an intense urge to correct the mistakes, right? So, be careful with your grammar in the blog posts and do not distract your readers with those errors.

Although there is no teacher to give you red marks, your readers can be crueler than English teachers in high school.

Therefore, before you hit the publish button, recheck your blog post particularly in the structure and grammar. If you are not sure whether the result is already perfect, use a grammar tool like Grammarly or ask someone to proofread for you.

6. Insert interactive elements

The practical way on how to make an engaging blog is to insert images or other multimedia in your blog posts. Hubspot has shown that a blog post with illustrations helps people 323% better in absorbing the text than the one with no illustrations. As a result, when you write a post, think in mind what kind of images can make your writing more understandable.

If you have trouble creating a picture, you can find plenty of choices in Freepik or Pinterest. If you are still eager to design your own, but you are not confident using a graphics editor app like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW, Canva will tackle your problem because it is an easy graphic design platform.

7. Make a series

It is not just your favorite motion pictures in Netflix that can own a series, your blog post can also have it too! By developing a blog post series on your website, you can make people wonder about the next episode of your series. For those who already forget the previous episode, they will click the post to review it. It will improve your page views, right?

You can start building the series by understanding a topic cluster and pillar content. Those methods will guide you in categorizing and generating content. The online marketing has been significantly growing. Business owners have realized that blogging is an important tool to attract more leads and potential customers. To catch the eye of the Internet users out there, you have to acknowledge how to make an engaging blog.