How to Make Effective Email Marketing that Boosts Your Revenue

how to make effective email marketing

Are you struggling with finding how to make effective email marketing for your business?

You are not alone. 70 percent of brands could not measure the return of investment (ROI) well and 77 percent of companies ended up not spending their marketing budget on email marketing. Many of them obviously do not know how to make effective email marketing and repeat common email marketing mistakes.

Even though 293,6 billion emails were sent and received each day during 2019, which highly competitive, you need to recognize that the users are also billions. Moreover, email marketing delivers a high ROI as the average return can be 42 USD when you spend only 1 USD.

You probably are scared and insecure when seeing the high number of emails sent and received. Some doubts like “Will they read mine?” or “My email may be thrown to spam right away” probably appear. However, your hesitancies can be tackled easily if you know how to create a good email marketing strategy.

How to make effective email marketing

1. Build your email subscribers list

When you have written a captivating message from email, but your work will be in vain if you do not have someone that will receive the message. Therefore, knowing how to build an email database is the first step you need to pass when making effective email marketing.

Generate the email list using your website. Make a pop-up notification that contains a CTA. If you find the notification popping up in the middle of the screen annoying, you can try to put it on the right corner of the screen.

Do not forget to place the subscribe button in your sidebar, landing page, and home page.

2. Make it personal

Do you want to improve your conversion until 10 percent and click-through rates up to 14 percent? Campaign Monitor revealed that you statistically can attain them by employing personalized email messages.

Writing the receivers’ names is not the only way to personalize your email. Categorize your customer personas by using segmentation in email marketing because each of the customers has their unique behavior and identity.

For example, if you own a customized planner business, students and businessmen definitely have their favored type of planner. Or, people who only buy when special days like Christmas and Valentine often have different buying preferences with your customers that purchase monthly.

3. Make it mobile-friendly

More than 60 percent of email opens happened on mobile. Three-fifth of people check the email on the go by using smartphones. That 6-inch device is incredibly powerful and handy, so you need to catch the opportunity by applying mobile-friendly features.

This step on how to make effective email marketing can be attained in some ways. First, use a single-column because it can make the appearance simpler and spotlight only the importance. Then, choose a large font size. You can go with at least 16px to make the words readable.

The next size you should consider is email width because it ranges differently across platforms like Gmail and Outlook. Therefore, keep the width 600 pixels and the length varies from 1500 to 2000 pixels.

4. Attract with email subject

If website visitors are fascinated with the headline, your email receivers catch the love at first sight when they glance at the email subject.

You know that the majority of email users open the application from their mobile devices. Consequently, you need to keep the email subject short to fit in the smartphone screen by writing less than 30 characters. 

Start the email subject with an actionable verb to strengthen the excitement and urgency. For instance, instead of writing “Romantic Dinner in Bali”, use “Dine with your love here”. The verb “dine” more inspires people to click and it can help the subscribers imagine themselves at a romantic dinner ambiance.

5. Insert straightforward links and CTA

In CTA, you have to write concisely and get to the point since you only have limited space. Accordingly, let your subscribers know clearly what you want them to do.

As it aims to encourage them to do something, start your CTA with a verb and match the verb with what you need.

  • Do you have an e-commerce website? Drag them by using words like “order”, “shop”, or “buy”.
  • Do you want to promote a newsletter? Begin the CTA with “read” or “subscribe”.
  • Do you ask for more information? Type “fill” or “find out”.

There is no strict rule in creating a CTA button, so get creative! Probably you can try “a healthier life starts now” rather than use “get your assurance” when you want to promote health insurance.

6. Schedule it on prime time

Do you watch Frozen 2 when Kristoff wants to propose Anna, but he always messes it up? It is because he bends his knees at the wrong time.

Just like what Kristoff portrays, timing is incredibly important.

During the working hours, people are busy with their working emails from the boss or clients. Therefore, Buffer suggests that you send the emails from 8 pm until midnight. This avoids the inbox crowding and the deployment time by other marketers.

In addition, you can perform 22 percent better for the open rate, clickthrough, and even sales!

Geographic segmentation in email marketing is also useful in this case because you can know your subscribers’ time zone and send it during their prime time. 

7. Ensure that it is not sent to spam folders

At this step, you have got an idea about the email list, personal touch, UX design for mobile users, and enchanting CTA.

Yet, if all those hard work ended up in the spam folder, you would not receive any feedback. To combat this issue, avoid applying all caps, hyperbolic sentences, and excessive exclamation marks.

8. Test and analyze

The final step before you eventually presses the send button is to test the email. Check it from various devices such as smartphone, tablet, or desktop to exactly know how it looks like.

After the emails are sent, analyze whether you have created the desired outcome in the open rates until the revenue.

Understanding how to make effective email marketing can be easily said than done. It does not happen overnight! Be patient and continuously work for success.