4 Killer Tactics on How to Soft-sell in Content Copywriting

There are man things you should consider in marketing, one of them being how to soft-sell in content copywriting

Hard-sell is out of date! So, please understand how to soft-sell in content copywriting

“Hi, I sell a pen. Please buy. It is only a dollar.” Are you interested if a salesperson offers you a product directly? You will run away and instantly reject him, right? Hard sell like the previous example rarely works these days, especially in any type of copywriting. The right copywriting is just that important. That is why you should note how to soft-sell in content copywriting below.

What is soft sell?

A soft sell is a sales approach that is emphasized on a gentle persuasive act. This type of approach gives low pressure to your buyers compared to the aggressive sales maneuver.

As it is an indirect approach, you must be persistent in selling a product. They may not immediately by your product. However, soft sell helps your potential customers to steadily increase their attention to your product. At first, they will be curious about your product, then if you get it right to their heart, they will come back and buy it.

Why it works best for your content copywriting

The current trend of advertising is to promote a product using content. Yet, the content itself is not enough since it only aims to educate and entertain the viewers. Thus, use content copywriting instead.

By applying copywriting in your content, you can take two pigeons with one bean. Copywriting helps your content readers be pulled to your purchasing chain, along with information about the products in the content.

Soft sell brings up your readers’ emotions

Peter Noel Murray, CEO of EmotionInc, has conducted research that results in emotional advertising campaigns work twice better than the ones who only apply rational content. It is 31 percent vs. 16 percent!

Emotions play an important role in influencing people to buy your product with hearts. And it is proven works better than the influences that drive people buying with their logical thinking.

Furthermore, the audiences may not only purchase your products, but they also become sympathized or happy and easily press the share button to distribute your content to their friends. By planting emotions to your content, your audience itself can be your walking advertisers. 

It does not put too much pressure

People can be overwhelmed by hard sell because they are seemingly forced to buy the product right away. Meanwhile, when you use soft-sell techniques in content copywriting, people are allowed to use their hearts and minds to consider how essential the products and buy them

How to soft-sell in content copywriting

You have known the benefits of soft sales being included in your content, right? It is time to learn how to apply it so that you can direct their emotions and increase your conversion rate.

Know your audience

The first step to master soft-sell techniques is by research. Take a deeper look at your target market and create an ideal customer. Building a niche is important to make sure you use the right words and tone when communicating with them through your content.

The things you should observe is their gender, location, age, marital status, profession, and estimated income. Women and men value different products. People who are already married will have different needs compared to single ones.

Knowing your audience inside out such as their current obstacles, challenges, and point of view also a significant factor before you write a copy. This process will enable you to provide strong reasons why they should buy your products and easily connect with them.

If you run a coffee shop, for example, your target market will be similar to Starbucks’. Techfee reveals that Starbucks’ 49 percent of the target market is men and women around 25 to 50 years old. They are still productive workers and already own quite high incomes. Another 40 percent is youngsters less than 25 years old. They value the brand because it looks cool to post on Instagram anyway.

Be your audience’s friend

It is an understandable situation when you want to keep your professionalism during your working hours. On the other hand, warm friendship and personability are strongly recommended when it comes to dealing with potential customers.

Using soft-sell in your content copywriting means that you keep your conversational tone, provide genuine suggestions to tackle their problems, and throw away your formal business script.

Focus on building a strong relationship by delivering a friendly content copy. By intensifying the engaging bond, people will see you as a trusted advisor and reliable friend. Not only you get your product purchased, but also you hold your loyalty.

Tell a story

In this fast-paced world, people seek authenticity. When your brand integrates original storytelling in your content, it will ultimately evoke readers’ interest. Celinne Da Costa, Forbes contributor, stated that storytelling is the future of marketing because nowadays it is strongly to create a tribe using an emotional connection in storytelling rather than merely customers. Moreover, you need to catch readers’ eyes among 5,000 advertisements that people see in a day!

How can you incorporate this technique into your copy? Check it here to get copywriting examples using storytelling.

Bring up relevant issues

Have you watched #LikeAGirl marketing campaign by Always? This feminine-hygiene brand presents an antimainstream advertisement. Always has been known for emphasizing confidence for girls. This core leads them to produce a powerful advertisement in relation to girls’ self-confidence.

#LikeAGirl advertisement demonstrates the stereotypes that society has shaped girls. In that ad, some girls show how they portray “run or fight like a girl”. In reality, the phrase “like a girl” is often uttered like an insult. Therefore, in this ad, Always wants to shift people’s mindset about how to do things “like a girl”.

Presenting relevant issues, a common insult about girls’ stereotypes, the advertisement video has been watched by 67 million people!

Raising a relevant issue on the public into your content copywriting can make your brand stand out. Issues like environment, social justice, gender equality can be a great option to insert soft-sell techniques in content copywriting.

You must understand that evoking audiences’ emotion is the key role in successfully applying this strategy on how to soft-sell in content copywriting,