How to Write a Press Release in 5 Effortless Steps


Learning how to write a press release can help your business grow

Where do you think Forbes or WIRED get information about recent products from Apple? This is the job of Apple’s PR or marketing team to let media publications and tech sites know that they are going to launch a new product. After all, they help Apple to promote it, right? Therefore, understand how to write a press release is important when you want to build a successful business. 

What is a press release? 

A press release is an official announcement released by organizations or companies. It is also known as a media release, press statement, and news release. This recorded or written announcement will be uploaded on your websites, blogs, or social media. 

Some companies can also directly send it to news media and publications to reach the media’s subscribers. Famous YouTubers or influencers usually also receive a press release to reveal a glimpse of the launching products. 

This type of content writing is not only limited to tech stuff like the example above. It can be written by apparel, home furnishings, or toys store, as long as they have something to announce. That relates to numerous forms of press releases.

  • Launching a new product 
  • Updating to existing products 
  • Announcing a new partnership 
  • Opening a new branch office 
  • Hosting an event 
  • Getting an award 
  • Mergers and acquisitions

The importance of a press release 

Improving your brand image on the internet 

Because you keep uploading your business’ updates, people will realize the existence and progress of your company. 

Distributing official and valid details.

Sometimes, when you do not publish the announcement yourself, hoax or misleading information may pop up. To avoid this circumstance, spread the justifiable press release first.

Maximizing the search engine optimization (SEO)

A press release showing on the News page of a Google Search can lead people to visit your website then drive its organic traffic.  

Pursuing the viral possibilities

An engaging press release, whether in the form of video or written post, can drive a lot of traffics and become the trending topic.

How to write a press release 

1. Format your press release

A press release only has one page or two maximum. Do not be confused about acknowledging how to write a press release. There is a format you can follow.


Just like writing news or a blog post, a good press release starts with a captivating headline. It must be clear and consist of the main idea of the body. 

Let’s take a look at Adobe’s press release about the new feature. It says, “Adobe Launches Spark With Premium Features for Every Student, Free of Charge”. For just a glance, you can spot what the body will talk about, right? Do not utilize click bait titles when learning how to write a press release.  


Since a press release is similar to news, you must include the date and news location in the document. 

Summary bullet point 

Bullet points assist readers’ eyes to lay on important elements of the information. Especially when you write for journalists, this element can the solution to cutting the elimination process. As a result, keep the bullet points short but sweet. 

Intro paragraph 

The introduction is located underneath the summary bullet points. Here is the place of crucial information because it determines whether the editor or reporter looks at your press release. 

Have a hook or angle by explaining the 5 Ws (what, when, why, who, where) and underline the reasons why the readers have to continue reading the body. 

Supporting paragraphs 

Remember that a press release has limited pages so that you should tell your proper story and supporting details in a brief way with only 2 to 5 paragraphs.

Press contact info

The press contact info will help people reading the press release want to know other information. Include a name and job title, email address, and phone number in case the readers prefer using a call.  

Boilerplate of the organization

Boilerplate in a press release connects to the business or organization’s general information. It is about who you are and what do you do. 

This part is to avoid you from talking about what your business is in the body. The intro paragraph and supporting paragraphs must focus on discussing the news only. 

2. Think like a journalist 

Because businesses mainly write a press release for media, you need to use the journalist’s hat. Tell the core materials about the purpose of your press release upfront and do not input fluff to save the journalist’s time. 

To avoid cliches, do not claim that your event or product is the best. The readers will think that you overdo the explanation.  

3. Write briefly and straightforward content 

If you struggle with writing concisely in the restricted space of a press release, you can follow the inverted pyramid. 

The biggest area telling the highlights using the 5 Ws in the introduction. The middle part keeps secondary details such as paramount quotes and other details according to the importance. Lastly, put the additional information which consists of contact person details and the boilerplate. 

4. Bring value to the press 

Think whether the media have the same target audience as yours. This is to make sure the news value so that you can measure how the journalists and readers would react. 

For example, when you have a culinary business and you send the press release to Vogue, why would they care about you? Anna Wintour will throw away your press release immediately. 

5. Add useful quotes 

A tempting quote will be beneficial for journalists to portray the situation so that they can have a big picture in their mind about how the article will be. 

Get quotes from the principal stakeholders of your company. It can be the executives, project leaders, or the ones who are in charge of the announcement. The unique perspectives from those significant positions can emphasize the credibility and importance of the press release. 

After recognizing how to write a press release and its format, you are now ready to create your own.