How to Write a Video Script That Increases Your Views


Do you think marketing multimedia does not care about how to write a video script properly?  

Then, you are wrong. Just like a movie producer, marketers must invest their time and money to write a script. You sometimes see a heart-warming advertisement and even cry over it. Accordingly, they both tell a story, right? To deliver that kind of strong feeling, an advertising video must be well-planned and, consequently, knowing how to write a video script properly is a must.   

If this is the first time you make a video, whether an educational video on YouTube and promotional video on IGTV or even television, the process of scriptwriting may seem intimidating. However, stay calm! You can overcome the problem by doing these practical skills on how to write a video script.   

Start with a general idea    

This type of content writing starts with discussing the general idea with your team.   

  • First, think about the goal by asking yourself a question why you make this video. Is it to inform and educate the audience? Or, you realize that more than 80 percent of businesses utilize it and you just want to stay competitive.   
  • Then, get to know who your audiences are. For example, when your audiences are kids, you will have a much more different concept when you aim for the parents. Kids are easily attracted to friendly and calm tone, while parents are selective about the benefits of a product.   
  • The next thing to do is choosing a video topic. Be specific about the topic. For instance, if you own a stationery business, you might pick a topic like “buying the perfect color pencils”.  

Write an outline   

The next point on how to write a video script is to outline your script. Based on the topic you have decided, you can break it into subtopics and jot down a monolog or dialog you are going to deliver.   

Remember that a script is different from a blog post, thus you cannot just copy and paste it. The blog posts are able to be resourceful for your script, but you need to edit it here and there.   

Since audiences only count on their listening ability, you cannot say a long and complex sentence, but use fewer words to maintain their attention instead.  

Introduce yourself  

When you meet someone, the first thing you do is introducing yourself, right? That also applies to how to write a video script. Give a glimpse about yourself, especially if this is your first video.   

Still, keep it short and go direct to the main point and avoid talking around the subject about hitting the subscribe button and notification. Almost half of the viewers drop off after the first minute of the video because the introduction is too long. As a result, hook them in the opening by promising what exactly they are going to learn.   

Imagine as you talk with the audiences  

Not only does scriptwriting have fewer words, but it also has to be conversational. It is contrasting to writing a press release or understanding CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which is more formal. You can use daily conversations like “gonna” or “wanna” and this will make you sound less like a robot or lecturer.    

What most people do when having a conversation with friends is building a story, right? The most important thing might be the message you want to tell, but how you deliver it also determines the audience retention. Hence, create a flow or logical progression from the beginning to the end of your video.   

Include the necessary information   

To guide you imagining what the result will be, put necessary information in the script about texts or B-Roll that will appear. B-Roll is alternative clips with the main shot. Showing visuals like video or images can help your audience stay focus and not get lost.   

If the ideas of how to shot pop up in your mind, you can write it too. Some scenes may have different angles to take, so inserting explanation about how to shot will save your energy to rearrange the camera or setting.  

Another item you need to include in the video script is a back sound and sound effect so that you can get a helpful guide when you are in the editing process because you remember where to place the audio elements.   

Type every single word  

You may consider yourself an expert in the field, you do not need a full script. Then you go freestyle in front of the camera and you end up taking too much time on editing.   

That will be such a waste of time! When you do not have a script in your hand, it is easy to overshare and forget what you want to say.    

Typing every single world seems to be a tough job. However, this will help you control the time and keep the video organized. It can avoid you from thinking in the middle of the filming process and listening too much bumbling speech while editing.   

Scriptwriting includes your in-video CTAs (call to action). Take a look at some YouTubers who work with sponsors when they sometimes ask you to “check the link in the description”. That is considered as a kind of promotional CTA.    

Or, they point out the white bubble in the up corner and say, “click here to watch my previous video about….” You may forget to say this if you skip it during writing the video script.  

Practice several readings   

After writing the script, review it and practice some readings by tracking and estimating how many minutes you have used.   

Do not forget to keep it short, particularly when you introduce new products and services. This is in line with the fact that over 60 percent of people prefer to watch that type of promotional videos in a short period of time.   

Therefore, when you try to read it out loud and spend too much time, just cut the needless information and keep it relevant also concise.   

When you learn how to write a video script, imagine that you watch the final result. Do you yourself will enjoy it? Does the story flow well? Put your point of view as the audience’s to ensure whether the video is well-consumed.