How to Write Social Media Copy Like An Expert

How to Write Social Media Copy Like An Expert

Knowing your audience means knowing how to write social media copy

One of the purposes of social media is to promote your brand and product. Thus, you cannot avoid integrating copywriting on social media. After all, about 45 percent of the world population are active social media users, so you cannot take this huge market for granted. That is why you need to understand how to write social media copy.

How to write social media copy

1. Know the channel

Each social media platform has its characteristics. Get your copy right by acknowledging the users of the social media and see what kind of content they like. Here are some platforms to consider and a glimpse of their users.


Almost 80 percent of online adults use Facebook with the majority of demographic are people above 65 years old. This platform can be the best network if you aim them. HubSpot says that Facebook is a suitable place to promote external content like videos, blog posts, and reports. But, you have to grab their attention first with a concise description.


Instagram is a platform to share photos and videos. Hence, when you decide to step on this networking platform, you have to prepare a well-crafted design. The users are mostly youth from 18 to 29, and people at 30 to 49 follow on the second rank.


Are you looking for a platform that drives your sales? Pinterest is the answer. More than 90 percent of its users plan to buy a product through the platform. There are more women who use this platform than men with topics around food, fashion, decor, and travel. To make a good copy, you have to catch the audience’s eyes first with stunning photographs.


When you own a B2B business, perhaps LinkedIn is the best way. This is the perfect platform to build authority for your brand and engage with professionals. The highest rate of users is people between 30 to 49 years old.

2. Keep it brief

None of the users at social media above like long-form content. Facebook posts containing 80 characters or even less get more than 60 percent higher engagement. Yet, people lose their attention after the first three lines on Instagram. This happens because less text gives the readers focus. Make use of a carousel or infographics to convey the message, so you can decrease the number of words in the caption.

3. Use appropriate hashtags and emojis

There is a formula on how to write social media copy. Too many emojis make you seem less professional and too many hashtags are considered spam.

Piqora has researched more than 150,000 Instagram posts from 200 brands and concluded that using 7 hashtags will generate the highest engagement. The minimum usage of hashtags is 3, while the maximum is 8.

Use hashtags that have a relation to your business. For example, write hashtags to describe taste, recipe, and cuisine like #yummy, #foodie, #foodporn when talking about culinary business. For fitness, use the category like #yoga, #bodybuilding, and result-oriented like #feelstrong, #lookgood.

The prime rule of applying emojis is using them to support what you are saying Thus, consider the context before posting them. For instance, a personal trainer like will use emoji “strong” and “sweat”. Meanwhile, when people are proud of doing something, they use “clapping hands” like what McDonald’s does when serving healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

4. Be personal and encourage the audience to comment

Remember that writing copy in social media is not only about self-promotion, but also about being social. It means you need to think about two-way communication on social media. One impactful strategy to engage your audience is to ask them questions, like:

  • “Tell us your opinion..”
  • “What do you think about..”
  • “Which one do you choose..”

Another method to be personal is to treat the audience as your friends. Use crack jokes and stay away from formal language. For example, Wendy asks their followers to reminisce about their childhood on Twitter and connect it with one of the products.

If the audience mentions your brand, do not forget to repost or retweet it to show your appreciation. To perform the human side of your corporate, share the “behind the scenes” of your business by talking about your team or current projects. Take a look at Microsoft’s Instagram account. When people are busy working from home, they upload their workers’ pets. Isn’t it adorable?  

5. Keep up to date with the trend

Connecting the trend with your brand is an obvious suggestion on how to write social media copy. By looking at the trending topics, you can turn it into jokes and receive a positive impression from the audience.

Netflix once did this when IHOP rebranded to IHOB. They say on their Twitter, “brb changing my name to Netflib.” The tweet got 454.5k likes and 101.3k retweets! If you want to play it safe, keeping yourself updated can help you make relevant content with the issues like #blacklivesmatter or #coronavirus.

6. Design an appealing visual

A post with an image on Twitter gets a 35 percent boost in retweets. The same happens on Facebook with a 37 percent increase in engagement. You can have good photography or insightful carousels and infographics, but match the content with your brand. For example, HubSpot uses only infographics on their Instagram to share insights, while GoPro counts on real photos only.

7. Have a clear command

You have engaged with your audience and presented them with a high quality of design. Yet, do not forget the core reason for applying social media is promoting your product or asking the audience to do a certain action. Thus, write a clear command using CTA in the caption or image.

kikki.K, a stationery brand with Scandinavian design, always includes the phrase “shop now” in the Instagram caption when they display an image with their product along with the discount they offer. They engage with the audience using questions and still apply the knowledge on how to make a good copy. Building a website containing a good copy is important. But, to be successful in marketing, you also need to know how to write social media copy.