Outsourcing Content Writer: What You Need to Note

Outsourcing content writing is the best choice if you don't have the time or the confident in writing content yourself.

Finding and working with outsource content writer

Content marketing keeps on evolving. The need to post content on your website is always increasing. If you want to maximize your website for your marketing strategy, you need to at least upload content four times a week.

How do you go about this problem?

You might hire full-time writers for your website. But, do you have the source to incur your money to the expenses of their training, health care, insurance, so on and so forth?

When this happens, the alternative would be to hire writers from outside your company or outsourcing. Yes, there are risks to outsourcing content writers, and yes, not all writers might be able to write according to your company’s needs.

Don’t worry.

We cover some tips for finding and, later on, working with outsourcing content writers when the time comes.

Finding outsource content writer

1.Seek the Specialist in Content Writing

If you are new to outsourcing, you might want to search for someone who writes in the field of your work.

Writers write a lot. When one is focused on something, their view of the field is already shaped. This kind of writer won’t take too much time to research the topic. This will benefit you as well as you won’t need to give a detailed explanation of your work.

The best way to look for this writer is by asking around for recommendations. Another way would be by placing an advertisement and hope your wanted writer comes across it. If you have used an outsource writer service before, you can also reach out to the ones you feel the works suit you. That would do the trick.

2. Look For Them In Their Dens

Instead of looking for your writers in darkness through Google and blogs, go to places their dens. You could find professional writers this way, along with their portfolio.

Linkedin, Craiglist, and Problogger will see you find writers. Freelancing sites offer even more blunt employment. Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com are examples of freelance sites that might lead you to your writer.

The best place to find outsource content writers is in content writing platform where the specialists are in. the writers are usually professionals who juggle with content marketing on a daily basis. They have editors to ensure the quality of writers’ work. Whizter is one example of this content writing platform. 

3. See their samples

If you are still in doubt with the writer you find, which is understandable, you can ask your writer to show you their work. Published samples usually are enough to showcase ability and specialty in content writing.

However, sometimes published work is still doubtful—some people might have great works because of an excellent editor. In this case, you can always ask them to make a sample for your own before deciding to offer the project to them.

Working with outsourced writers

1. Make sure they know your goals

The more your outsourced content writer knows about you, the more precise their content would be. Remember, the works they are doing is for you. The results will be the face of your company. They will represent you. Thus, for the best results, you need to make sure they have the same goals and views as you do.

2. Let them know your audience

This is simply another important note for you and your writer. You don’t want your articles to aim at the elderly when your brand is for teens. For that, you need to show them your audience, give them a brief explanation of how the audience would be. It would be even better if you could meet them up with your audience, let them feel what kind of people they are. You don’t need to go so far, of course.

3. Give them Samples

It is a great way to get your writers going, especially if your writer is not an expert in your field. You can lead them to the kind of content writing you want them to make. That way, not only will they take notes of the language, style, or formatting the samples provide, you can encourage them to write better than those samples are.

With that said, the more samples you provide, the better their insight into what you want the results to be.

4. Provide solid instructions

This needs to be done especially for new outsource content writers.

Outsourcing means that the writers you hire do not work directly under your company. They come from different backgrounds. They also have different insights as to how your company would be.

Dipping your feet to outsourcing, you need to give them brief and solid instructions. They need to understand the key points of your vision of the content you want.

Share your outsource team general brand information, competitors, and target audience of your company. You could also give them an overview of your project descriptions, and anything you think needed to be in the works they will do.

5. Give them Space

Writing never has an absolute form. It is an art of communicating, a work resulted by a life-long pouring knowledge over reading and learning things. People have different ways of expressing their knowledge, and writers do have it as well. Yes, you need to put instructions for your writers, but that is where it should just go: boundaries.

Set some rules in the content you want them to finish. Then, let them pour their knowledge into their own writing. Give them space as an artist to flourish as much as possible.


In the end, excellent results do not depend solely on the writers’ hands. Content Writing is a skill needing data, facts, and visions. When you need to find one, a lot of consideration comes to mind and when you found the one, works aren’t done. Your input is needed as much as your outsource needs to meet your expectations in skill. Complement their skill with your visions, views, and goals, and then you will find an amazing job done.