Technical Copywriting 101

How can you transform boring information in a smartphone’s specification like 4000 mAh Battery, 6.5 inches, 1080 x 2340 px Display with Punch Hole, and 48 MP Quad Rear & 32 MP Front Camera into an engaging copy? Samsung will surprise you with its highly-skilled technical copywriting.

Technical copywriting, copy of confusing terms in technical products.

How can you transform boring information in a smartphone’s specification like 4000 mAh Battery, 6.5 inches, 1080 x 2340 px Display with Punch Hole, and 48 MP Quad Rear & 32 MP Front Camera into an engaging copy? Samsung will surprise you with its highly-skilled technical copywriting. This how copywriting is so important.

Instead of mentioning all the hardly memorized numbers, they changed it into a user-friendly copy “Awesome screen. Awesome Camera. Long-lasting Battery Life.”

You do not have to memorize the numbers because you only need to know that the smartphone is awesome! Creating this kind of copy, Samsung makes the products “edible” to common people who do not know the technological measurement in a smartphone. That is truly a creative way of marketing your complex product.

What is technical copywriting?

Technical copywriting is an act of writing advertising text specialized in selling technical and software products. As you have realized in the Samsung example above, technical copywriting turns technical information and method into a more engaging way of advertising.

“So, technical copywriter translate technical terms into an understandable explanation?” Watch out, there is a word “copy” there.

A technical copywriter is incompatible with a technical writer. The purpose of a technical writer is to provide detailed technical information, while the technical copywriter aims to persuade and describe technical terms in an appealing way. In conclusion, a technical copywriter does both!

Adding the “human element” like friendliness, originality, and explicitness in the monotonous technical information is the job of a technical copywriter. You cannot imagine when Samsung mentions every number in the smartphone’s specification, right? But, you can feel how cool it is when Samsung writes an awesome screen and camera.

Where can you find a technical copy?

You will mostly encounter a technical copywriter’s result on websites. It ranges from the landing page, web copy, and articles on the blog page.

The tech companies also put a technical copy in email marketing, user manuals and offline sales sheets like pamphlets, brochures, and banners.

“Do I need a technical copywriter?”

Well, it depends on your business. If you offer digital products and services such as software developers, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, and computer system analyst, you may consider having a tech copywriter.

Or, if you sell the IT physical products and services like hardware, repairing service, and other tools, a technical copywriter can be a bridge for you and your customers.

Other fields that definitely require technical writers are health and engineering. Medical phrases are hardly understood by common people. What is amoxicillin, penicillin, or cefadroxil? To recommend your product and drag the audience to purchase it, you need to make sure that they understand what you are talking about.

How is it different from other types of copywriting?

Translating technical terms is not an easy job. Therefore, the expert in the fields is needed. To make the writing natural and smooth, it is the knowledgeable masters and people who understand how to persuade people that can describe it clearly and amusingly.

Types of copywriting such as creative and content copywriting usually deal with creativity and imagination. In technical copywriting, the writer must have the educational background required or a good understanding of the area.

Technical copywriter job description

1. Identify the target audience

Knowing the target market is important to analyze which writing style that matches to audiences. To promote software and technology products, you must realize there are some levels of understanding.

Beginners in technology need quite a long explanation. Usually, they barely know the function and technical terms.

What is a chipset? How is it different from RAM? You may count on the product reviewers out there or content writers. However, to grab their attention, ensure to use simple words that can also trigger their curiosity.

Unlike beginners, the advanced techie will expect deeper information about your product and service because they are careful and precise in every detail.

2. Write persuasive copy

Specifically, to sell health or digital products, you may use different vocabulary compared to other kinds of copywriting. Geeky and users’ experience you have learned are required to meet your audience’s understanding.

In technical copywriting, make sure you answer 5W + 1H questions (who, what, when, why, where, and how). Therefore, your readers absorb why they should buy your product, the function of the products, how they can purchase, where and when you will release the products. Direct them with these 5W + 1H answers.

3. Add testimonials

If you visit the online marketplace like Amazon, what do you consider before buying the product? You see the star-rate system and reviews from other people, right? To make your audience fully trust your brand, just like what you do, you can add case histories and testimonials.

4. Assess your technological knowledge

To make sure you have a good understanding of technical terms in health, engineering or technology, you need to assess yourself and your writing. How can you do that? By asking your friends who fond of technology. Do not forget to hand the results to beginners to get another perspective.

Good technical copywriting examples

There are some good technical copywriting than can be your inspiration. Popular technology brands such as Apple, Samsung, or ASUS have gained profits not only because it provides good quality, but also writes captivating copy.

Here are examples of technical copywriting in famous brands:


  1. Think different. (Apple)
  2. Calling all pros. Our most powerful pro lineup ever — MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and Pro Display XDR. Ready for your best work ever. (Macbook Pro)
  3. Transform customer support, and your business, with Service Cloud. (Salesforce)

Product descriptions

  1. The latest ROG gaming laptop -the G752- delivers exceptional gaming performance (ASUS’s laptop gaming)
  2. Your private financial dashboard. View all your financial information in one place. Understand your spending habits, search your transactions and effectively manage your finances. (Finsights application)

To conclude…

Technical copywriting is different from other types of copywriting. It specifically deals with technical products and services in health, engineering, and technology fields. Therefore, to write a technical copy, you must understand the specific terms used in those fields and turn them in a way that your audience will understand.