The 10 Types of Email Marketing That Will Not Make Your Subscribers Bored

Types of Email Marketing

Differentiate your email subscribers based on types of email marketing

Congratulations, you have got new email subscribers today! You must send them an email. Wait, what about the subscribers that have joined yesterday? Or, what should you send to the person who bought your product two days ago? You also need to release your new product tomorrow. Which types of email marketing will you send to each of them?

Sending your brand updates from a personal email account is the potential to get clicked since more than half of US respondents look at their email over 10 times a day! They like to receive your updates from email. Therefore, you need to maximize this opportunity by knowing which types of emails that appeal to your email tribe.

Not only do you need the segmentation in email marketing when sending emails to subscribers, but you also need to decide which email you will send to a particular group of people. Get to know the most suitable types of email marketing below!

Optimize the email marketing potential with these 10 types of email marketing

1. Hello, there!

This first type of email marketing is like an introduction to a new friend. Therefore, you need to give them a warm welcome and great excitement. Since the welcome emails can generate more opens up to 4 times and 5 times more clicks than any other emails, try to make them fall in love at first sight.

You can send the welcome email in the form of series. Say thank you is the most common in this email, but you can showcase your brand by listing the achievements or give them a free gift such as e-book or vouchers.

2. The Promotion Campaign

The chance you get a promotional email is 100 percent since this type of email marketing is frequently used by a brand. However, if you too much rely on the promotional email by sending this to your email subscribers repetitively, you will not like the impact: your email goes to a spam folder or they unsubscribe your email marketing.

As a result, use promotional email by provoking the readers’ emotions and eyes. Use humor, compelling slogan, soft-sell approach, and eye-catching color palette. 

3. The Update Email

If there are some changes in your company about how to buy the products, the updated feature in the application, and how to use it, or the latest terms and conditions your customers should know. You can let them know using this type of email marketing.

Following the new product about YouTube Premium, YouTube had sent the new policies to you, right? It wants to warn you that you cannot use some existing features like downloads and certain content.

4. New product

After spreading the announcement, YouTube launched the premium version along with the benefits you will get once you subscribe to that version such as no ads, watching offline, and enjoying YouTube originals. In this email, YouTube has sent you their new product.

This is one of the types of email marketing, another way to gain your sales besides promoting the new product on social media. You can knock the door of your email subscribers. They will be glad to be the first to know. Provide a personal call to action (CTA) and attractive image to make them click then buy!

5. New campaign

When reaching the new season or special events like Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day, you probably hold a new campaign! Therefore, do not leave your audience behind and send them this email.

These periods are essential if you have a fashion business, retail, and travel related. People will wear different outfits in the next season, right? Or they need the snow shovel to make them spend fewer hours in shoveling. Notify the product through the email.

6. Newsletter

Compared to five emails above, a newsletter can be a substantial way to make your audience stay because you do not send the sales pitches in this type of email marketing. Instead, you educate or even entertain them by giving them tips, facts, or up-to-date explanations within your niche.

Playstation, for example, arranges the newsletter by informing the receivers about top downloaded games, the new features in a particular game, and tips for gaming families. Those topics still have a relation with the brand, but those do not directly order people to buy.

7. The Survey Email

Good marketing is not one-way communication, it is two-way communication instead. You cannot just continuously send emails to them without asking for feedback. That is why you should send them a survey, one of the types of email marketing.

This survey aims to get the preferences of your subscribers so that you tailor your marketing strategies based on their needs. The email is not necessarily long, you can make a 10-minute request. To make your customers willing to fill the questionnaire, give them a free present or voucher. 

8. The Re-engagement Email

Perhaps your subscribers seem to be inactive for a while. Pick certain deadlines for you to send the reminder. Let us say that your segment has not opened the emails at all for 6 months. Then, you had better give them the re-engagement email.

This type of email marketing is useful to bring back your subscriber since they may forget about you due to the abundant emails they receive every single day, or you can employ this to filter your email list.

9. Invitation 

Do you have an upcoming event? Send invitations to your subscribers, especially the ones who are geographically near the place. Ask them to be a part of your event by providing them the details about the schedule and venue in the email. This can be an extraordinary way to engage with them through the offline meeting.

10. Celebrate your anniversary

It is not only a YouTuber who can celebrate the anniversary numbers, but you can also do it too. If you have obtained 100,000 subscribers, send your subscribers notification and thank them for joining the community. They will feel deeply appreciated. Finally, you cannot just count on visual on your email, but you need to know the types of email marketing that are appropriate for your segmentation.