The Importance of Audience Analysis Every Marketer Should Know

the importance of audience analysis

Realize the importance of audience analysis to expand the realm of your business

How do you think you can attract your crush in high school? You will try to look for what they are passionate about and collect information about him or her. Once you know it, you can find the best approaches to get close to them. Do you think the marketing flow is similar to getting your crush? Knowing the importance of audience analysis is as essential as examining your crush’s favorites.

It allows you to get to know better with your audiences. You can set tactics to compel them like what you do when you approach someone. Above that, audience analysis gives you abundant benefits for your business. Before acknowledging the importance of audience analysis, absorb the definition of this term first.

What is audience analysis?

Audience analysis is a research of your audiences’ demographics, psychographics, and geography. It gives you a clear picture of who your audiences are. Then, you can categorize which content matches who.

Geographic segmentation cares about where your audiences live. Audience demographics reveal who your audiences are. It gives you information about their age, gender, or even annual income. Finally, audience psychographics explains the core reason your audiences buy your product.

You will fail when you do not do market research. For example, your target market is interested in building a business. But, you conduct a webinar about designing a home interior. In marketing, each of your actions must be based on data. If you only assume what your target market wants, you will end up having no customers.

Are you still doubting the power of audience analysis? Here is the importance of audience analysis listed only for you.

The importance of audience analysis

1. Personalized content

One general marketing campaign will not work these days. More than 70 percent of American internet users stated relevant content from companies escalates their purchase intent. And, almost 90 percent of customers agreed that personal content affects how they think about a brand.

To make them feel like that, you need to know who they are to understand what they need. Thus, categorize your target market into some categories. For instance, a man starting a business and a working mother will have different essential.

Personalized can also be based on the buying cycle stages. Send a warm email to a new subscriber with welcome messages. But, remind customers who almost buy your products with the cart abandonment campaign.

2. Precise planning

The importance of audience analysis also touches on the planning process. Once you understand the kinds of people you are targeting, you can create the content that is suitable for a particular category. Then, you can start arranging the plan for creating the content.

The first step in market planning is to define your goals. It includes brand awareness, lead acquisition, and sales. Audience analysis can classify which audience must be exposed to brand awareness. And, it knows who needs to be brainwashed to immediately buy. After that, you can decide what types of content are preferred for people at each stage.

Yet, it does not end there. If you know the geographic segmentation, you will understand their timezone. Hence, you will also get the idea of when to publish your content. It is because you notice their time zone from the audience’s geographic pattern.

You can also choose which influencers that can deliver the brand message to your audience. If you know your audiences enjoy reading something, you may select bloggers. But, when you find your audiences like watching videos, contact famous vloggers.

3. Long-term relationship

Why do you think Apple has an army of loyal fans? It is because they understand the target market. Instead of using sales pitch, Apple offers simplicity in its ads. They notice how their audiences think, like, and dislike.

The example is obvious in the iPad Pro ads. There, you can notice that Apple hears people who want to use a computer freely. They show people use the product without limits like other computers. People can touch, multitask, and use a camera in a “computer”.

How they get the data on audience analysis is also interesting and direct. They may turn the YouTube comments off, but they hold WWDC, the conference with developers. Here, Apple can hear directly from developers which areas to develop in their product. They also provide content about up-to-date recaps about that conference for their customers.

Here, Apple offers stories, emotions, and a strong community for its customers. Who will not fall for it?

4. Stay ahead from your competitors

Now, you have personalized content. It results in generating tribes because you speak to your audiences with it. Your content or even product can aim the right people.

As a result, the audiences will feel that you make them special and are able to solve their problem. In this case, you win the competition. It is because you have a bigger number of loyal fans, conversions, and revenue.

Netflix is an appropriate example of the importance of audience analysis. This streaming giant knows the customer extremely well. See diverse genres of movies there, but it still has hyper-personalized recommendations. It guides users to consume more. because it resonates with their interests.

They also promote the teasers of the films or series on famous platforms like Instagram and YouTube. It then triggers the viewers’ curiosity. This helpful tool and powerful teasers make Netflix stay ahead of its competitors.

5. Cost-effective content strategy

Several studies announced businesses that apply audience analysis can reduce their marketing costs up to 56 percent. It happens because the campaigns aim a smaller scale group and are segmented. The segmentation is effective to convert prospects into buyers.

Having a specific target market can avoid you from promoting to random general people. In this case, you can accomplish more with less.

In conclusion, you now realize the importance of audience analysis. The more detailed your understanding of your customer, the more you can craft personalized content.