The Secrets Behind Brilliant Product Description Examples


There are an estimated 7.7 billion people around the world and 25 percent of them are shopping online. The statistics will always increase each year. So, there is no perfect time in starting an online store like right now! Product description examples will be indirect guidance to get inspired when you write your own.  

When building e-commerce, you should mind not only the image of the product but also this type of content writing. It applies to any kind of product ranging from products with specific functions like a camera and paintbrush to general purposes such as fashion and food.  

You are more likely to buy stuff that has a detailed explanation about it, right? Therefore, you can exactly expect what you are going to receive in a couple of days.  

Let’s dive into some product description examples based on the category.  

1. Fashion and beauty   

  • Everlane 
    This high-end fashion brand only counts on online selling! A suitable case for product description examples, right? One of Everlane’s product is Selfie Tee. This is a great example since the description “great for flaunting” and “looks great on camera” matches with the product’s title and the picture.  
    You can also spot that this brand uses a natural language as if they were talking to their friends. This is the key. When you write a description, match the style with the target customer and do not integrate a sales pitch because it is boring! 
  • Primally Pure
    Primally Pure is a natural skincare company for face and body. This brand has the best practice to underline the unique selling points (USPs). The method will help your products stand out online. 
    They always emphasize that the products are non-toxic and safe for your skin. People have different sensitivity to certain ingredients of skincare products. So, they provide key components and the benefits along with complete ingredients. 
    Another way to include the details is that Primally Pure puts a link that leads the customer to a blog post. You can steal this strategy to keep the product description short. But, you still educate customers about the benefits of the product. 

2. Furniture and home products  

  • Google Home
    If you have no idea how to write a product description, you can try what Google does. In Google Home, for example, they only write 5 to 10 words followed by a brief sentence about the product. This works for unique and frequently high-demand products.  
    Google uses rhyming words “Say it to play it” to make the product description interesting. Few words can decrease confusion that might appear then you have a lot of information. It also sounds catchy and creative.  
    The easiest way to apply this strategy is writing normally. Then, continue removing fluff words or having a picture that represents the product features. 
  • Wayfair 
    One of the product description examples in home goods is Wayfair. Unlike Google that shows the products in limited words, Wayfair counts on storytelling. This is a smart tactic to spark readers’ imagination when they “have” the product in the future.  
    The description of hanging light, for instance, starts with the action of greeting guests and welcoming them with four candelabra. Are you imagining the entryway with this light too?  
    An online marketplace has a huge challenge that potential customers cannot  “touch” the products. Using storytelling, like what Wayfair does, can wake the imagination and possibilities that the product will look like what the stories tell them.  

3. Hobbies  

  • Backcountry 
    The product description does not need to be in the form of long sentences or paragraphs. Backcountry, a company for backpacking enthusiasts, uses bullet points to showcase the product features.  
    The most distinctive marketing strategy they use is to connect the features with benefits. If they only explained “fleece-lined interior”, the customers might think, “then what?”.So, underneath the features, they clarify what value customers can get from the features. 
  • Kap7 
    Do you have an amazing behind the scene of a product? It can be a handcrafted product that takes long hours to make or it is initiated from the founder’s idea during meditating in the middle of nowhere. Show it to your customers! 
    Kap7 is an ideal example if you want to tell the backstory of a product. This aims to prove that your product is better than others and that you have put an enormous effort into producing it.  

4. Travel and accommodations  

  • Airbnb and Park Hyatt 
    The power of Airbnb and Park Hyatt’s product description examples is evoking emotions. They use sensory or imagery phrases such as “magical wintry landscape” or “the chink of a champagne flute”.  
    In Park Hyatt’s description, they directly use action words like “sip French champagne” or “twirl around the ballroom”. Those sentences make the fantasy looks real. It appeals to customers’ touch and taste senses altogether.  
    This approach can influence the consumer behavior process since the “scene” can carry them to search more. Consumers may immediately think that the place being described is their next bucket list. 

5. Online Courses  

  • Appsumo 
    Do not afraid to highlight customers’ fear and desire in the product description. AppSumo has included this maneuver to persuade their customers.  
    They ask a specific question about whether the readers have failed in starting a business. In this case, they start it with fear. Then, they provide a solution to make $1000 a month, which is considered as humans’ desire.  
    How can people resist when AppSumo has intensified their problem and offered a promising solution? 
  • Skillshare 
    If the description of the product does not help you break the sales, try to “sell the people” behind the product. Skillshare promotes people who teach in their online classes. The customers who have known and admired the people can be the potential to buy the products.  
    You can also come up with testimonials in the product description. You often see this kind of method in books’ cover, right? This can work in your e-commerce too! 

Product description examples above can be your source of inspiration in creating your own! You can steal the ideas from those businesses that have earned big bucks.