Trends in Content writing To Look for in This Year

The trends in content writing are always changing as Google always updates its algoruthm

The Top Five Trends in Content Writing Nowadays

Do you have a website with dedicated blogs for your audience? Then you should keep updated with trends in content writing. That way, you can always provide your readers with the quality information they deserve.

Keeping up with trends in content writing may help you to know what to expect to happen in the near future. With up-to-date information, you could decide what move you should do towards that. For example, when eBook started to be popular years ago, a content writer who could see that coming, like Prince Akwarandu, wrote eBooks more than physical books for his marketing in writing courses. The results? His business rose significantly in percentage.

Do you want your business to get the same results?

The main deal is this: if you didn’t keep up with writing trends, you wouldn’t know was really going on until it was too late, and your business didn’t go anywhere from its first place. Who would want to know something that has passed long ago?

So, here are the trends in content writing that you should pay attention to, so that your business will be rising high.

1. Freelance Writers Will be on a Greater Demand

Being a successful freelance writer often associated that you can make good money from the job easily, while in fact, you should know that it involves lots of hard work and lots of spare time before you can get a good income from this profession.

However, nowadays, there are many startup business doers who realize that they need the help of the content writers but they don’t have enough funds to pay for good full-time writers for their new company. As a result, hiring freelance writers is the most sensible choice to make. And therefore, as the number of startup businesses is increasing, the demand for freelance writers is also on the rise.

2. There Will be More Readers than Ever

Do you know that popular and successful people in the world are intensive readers?

Let’s take an example.

Bill Gates reads 50 books per year. Mark Zuckerberg, was said that in 2015, he read a book every 2 weeks. Mark Cuban spends 3 hours daily for reading books.

What does it mean? It means that reading has been the main part of those successful people’s daily activities.

Those people are the role models of successful people whose habits, including reading, are inspiring so many people in the world. Therefore, there is a growing hunger for good content by the people more than ever.

However, people don’t want to just read anything. They tend to be selective of what they are reading, either they want to be educated or filled with new useful information or entertained by the materials. They also believe that good content would bring them into learning and knowledge. Therefore, a good content writer will be sought by more people nowadays.

Besides learning and knowledge, people also learn that reading also has health benefits as well. Reading could be one of the best ways to release stress or depression. It is also shown that reading could enhance confidence, empathy, decision-making, and life satisfaction.

3. More Personalized Content is the trend

As the development of the internet is getting vast, you should know that your customers are getting technology savvy. And therefore, you should create a more communicative way of building a good relationship with your customers.

One effective way is through speaking to the person on the individual level. A study shows that there is a significant increase in sales when a certain brand applying personalized lead caring towards its customers. This personal communication does matter because their expectations have changed and recognizing what your consumers need is the main key. 

4. Various Contents Attracts More Audiences

As a good content writer, you should be creative and selective inputting content into your websites. Your audiences will easily get bored with the same menus every day; moreover, you also need to pay attention to your competitors who could serve a better look at their websites.

It means that you need to enlarge your skillset so that you can always create new and fresh content for your readers. Recruiting a new member of the team might also help, but make sure that they have what you need: new ideas and talent to vary your content in order to satisfy your audiences.

5. The Trend of Transparency Content

Internet users are getting smarter today, and there’s no other way for writers to admit it. These smart readers won’t just believe anything you write, instead, they will look closely and seek for more references to see if the information you give is real or fake.

If at a certain moment, you need to use stories to get the attention of the readers, you’d better make a clarification as well so that your readers won’t misunderstand the information you give. This way, the readers will respect you more, and they tend to trust your brand eventually.

When you put transparency writing on top of your priority, it also means that you build an important relationship to secure your customers.

As a content writer, keeping up with trends in content writing is a must. But don’t just stop there. Do research for it will give you more benefits such as improving your writing skills and predicting what will be going on so you can prepare much early before the new trend is coming. Above all, there is one thing for sure that you should never miss: know you better is the ultimate key to your success. Know your own strength and weakness will help you create a perfect strategy for personal growth.