Types of Content Writing That Can Benefit Your Business


Cultivate your success in digital marketing with the principal types of content writing

The marketing has grown towards online and digital platforms. People more rely on up-to-date and detailed information from their smartphones. They subscribe to email to get news updates from around the world or surf online to buy something. Thus, applying types of content writing on different platforms is necessary for business. 

What is content writing?

You can spot content writing anywhere! You read the caption on Instagram posts and you also receive emails and check it every morning. Even the article you read right now is also one of the content writing samples.

Content writing is a process of producing written content. Content writing jobs include planning, writing, until the editing process of web content. Its main function is to help digital marketing purposes connect with audiences. 

Then, you can find content writings on websites, social media, and audio or video form. Content writing is inside blog posts and articles. It also emerges in scripts for podcasts and videos. And, certain media like posts on Reddit and Facebook also integrate content writing.

You can conclude that there are wealth types of content writing. But, here are some popular categorizations of content writing you can implement in your business.

Types of content writing

Blog Writing 

Derived from the word “weblog”, blog writing is the most common form of content writing. It frequently contains the personal stories of a blogger. Yet, more professional bloggers tend to build certain niche like traveling, fashion, or home design in their platform. They can even get paid!

Blog writers usually also collaborate with experts and influencers. They play a role to strengthen the credibility of their content. If you feel overwhelmed in handling it yourself, you can ask other writers to write with you in the same blog. This is called reserve blogs when you gather the experts in the field to write under the same media.

You may have heard platforms named Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. These are the most popular among blogging platforms. Luckily, you have abundant options right now if you want a simpler blog builder such as Medium. 

Do you also want to build a full website with a blog inside it? You can try a drag-and-drop blog writing platforms like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly. No coding needed! Not only do you blog there, but you also create e-commerce and about page. These are beneficial choices for businesses: all in one place!

SEO Writing 

If you want to get noticed by search engines, a suitable type of content writing is SEO writing. 

Well, blog writers usually need to understand search engine optimization (SEO) too. The bloggers use it when they want to place their posts on the first page of a search engine. But, it is actually the main job of an SEO writer. 

Among millions of blogs out there, SEO can be powerful to make your posts stand out. It is important because people rarely open other than the first page of a search engine, right? 

People often count on keywords to rank high on Google. To look for the keywords, you can click Google Trends to find the most trending ones. Or, visit a keyword generator such as LSIGraph or keywordtool.io to get the related keywords. Those are helpful SEO tools to try in crafting this type of content writing.

But, SEO writing is more than keywords! If you want to create SEO writing, there are some elements you must know to meet Google’s standards on ranking the pages. 

The content quality about whether your writing is in-depth enough

  • Keyword research for SEO writing  
  • The number of words inside the content 
  • The domain and page authorities
  • Shares and reputation 
  • The crawl and speed of the website

Report and Research Writing 

The next type of content writing is report and research writing, which also known as brand journalism. It focuses on building a positive reputation for your business by presenting facts and data. 

But, an excellent brand journalist will also provide a story. This basic skill is important to convince the clients to trust your brand. The journalists can interview selected subjects and conduct research. So, they can carry trustworthy and recent information.

There are some examples of reports and research writing that are the core of companies’ documents.

  • Whitepapers 

White papers are informational documents that present a problematic issue along with the solution. The purpose of white papers is to educate the audience about specific issues. It also promotes its products by highlighting some features. 

  • Press release

Press releases are official statements made for the media. It is short with only one to two pages. Unlike the news you often find in a newspaper, this writing aims to provoke journalists to write. You must write a press release when you launch the business and new products, celebrate an anniversary, also restructure your company. 

  • Product description 

This type of content writing describes the key features of a product. A compelling product description contains what the product is, how it can solve problems, and other distinct benefits. Yet, you still need to prioritize information so that the content remains sweet and short.

  • CSR report 

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) program must have a periodical report. This will publish what an organization and company do concerning social commitments.

Business Writing 

Just like any corporate document, business writing must be formal. It offers clear and correct information with professional standards. Thus, you must avoid jargon and fluff words. 

This writing is a tool to communicate with the internal members or external institutions like partners, clients, and other shareholders. The business writing examples a content writer must know are:

  • Resumes and cover letters

These types of content writing see whether you are a good fit for the company. Hence, a content writer must understand professional words to convince people in human resources. 

  • Emails 

Even though there are kinds of messenger applications, email is still considered to be a business communication tool. So, always mind the grammar, spelling, and tone because you send it to colleagues, not your close friends. It includes appreciation or even resignation emails. 

  • Handbooks

Handbooks explain the procedures and company policies. That is why the language is dry and straightforward. The example of this writing is employee handbooks consisting of company values and welcome messages. Or, it can tell dress code and holiday schedule;  promotions, and office romances. 

  • Newsletters 

Newsletters are sent routinely in weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly. You can use a journalistic approach that pinpoints the 5W and 1H questions to tell updates of your company.

  • Company bios 

When a person asks you “What does your company do?” What do you explain to them? To have a more uniformed explanation, you can ask a content writer to creates company bios.

Social Media Writing 

As the trend of social media increases, many companies eye to promote themselves in social media. On Instagram, for example, a company needs to prepare writings for caption, feed, and story. If it wants to publish videos, the social media team must prepare a video script.

To engage with their followers, they have to think thoroughly about their content. The content must suit the target audience and have the brand’s definitive voice. Social media content writers also need to understand what kinds of marketing objectives and its metrics. 

Social media content can be categorized into 4 types. 

  • Educative content. It means that you give them valuable information within your company’s niche.
  • Update. Do you have new products or policies? Let your followers know!
  • Attractive content. Your social media can be boring if you only publish serious content. Try to post trivia or quizzes since this type of content has high engagement! 
  • Social proof. Put testimonials and customers’ responses to make your company more credible.  

Technical Writing

When you buy new smartphones, you will get a guidebook on how to operate it, right? That is one of the technical writing examples. 

This type of content writing shares the instruction and direction of using a product. You can notice technical writing in computer software and hardware, robotics, finance, medical, also consumer electronics. 

Because each field has its terms, acronyms, or abbreviations. Therefore, a technical writer must be an expert in the field or have a deep understanding of the fields. The writer also needs to know which points must be highlighted to steer clear of unnecessary details.   

Several forms of technical writing are:

  • user manuals 
  • policy guides 
  • instructions 
  • process manuals 

Technical writing has a third-person point of view. The writing is also to the point and simple, so you cannot find subjective opinions there. Since it contains procedures, the content must be well-structured. You can add illustrations if those are compulsory.

UX Writing 

Every time you type a wrong password, a pop-up notification appears, right? It says, “You entered an incorrect password”. Why it does not say, “The password you input is not matched”? The choice of words is one of the UX writer’s jobs description. 

UX writing is written content that is driven by user experiences. It becomes a part of the products, especially in online platforms like websites, emails, or applications. UX writer is responsible for the texts that guide users to complete their actions. 

Just like the example above when you have a problem signing in. Why do you think the preferable option is the first one? It is because the latter sentence uses a passive voice which makes the readers hard to follow the instruction. Using active and present tense are more preferable in UX writing. 


Do you think the famous YouTubers directly say something in front of a camera without comprehensive preparation? Do they only depend on the editing process? If it is so, the video will be disorganized and horrible! 

So, for multimedia projects like podcasts and videos, scriptwriting or screenwriting is your true friend. This makes you prepared with the storytelling and messaging strategy. Usually, the hook elements cannot suddenly appear in your mind while talking to cameras. 

While some people prefer keeping the script writing format like they will have a screenplay, most people usually split two columns for video and audio in scriptwriting. 

This will help them acknowledge what they will show in the video when they recording the script or vice versa. The video column consists of graphics, cuts, and directions. You can also put what kind of animation you are going to use. The audio column keeps the narration or dialog, music, and sound effects if any.

A scriptwriter can be useful for: 

  • video scripts 
  • podcast scripts 
  • explainer video scripts 
  • audio advertising 
  • motion graphics scripts 


Ghostwriter becomes one of the popular freelance writing jobs. It has no direct connection with ghosts, so you will not catch spooky things here! 

The idea about the ghost is that your name will disappear once people you work with accept your writing. They will not credit your name. Even, they will claim the work as theirs after giving you the salary. You cannot be mad about this because this is how a ghostwriter works.

This type of content writing is not limited only to digital marketing purposes. A ghostwriter can crawl in literary production like novels or poems, screenwriting, even in academic writing. 

People hire a ghostwriter not only because they are too lazy to write, but they may also have no time to fully write something. Or, they do not enjoy writing but they own great ideas. Thus, a ghostwriter workflow may vary. 

  • Getting a rough draft and editing it until it is acceptable.
  • Gathering references and paraphrasing that. 
  • Writing a post after receiving only a keyword or topic
  • Finding a topic, getting approval, and writing it.


Now, you know types of content writing that can be useful for your business. Pick some that are linear to your purpose in online marketing or other general business activities. After realizing what you need, find the talents using job vacancy or freelance content writer platforms like Fiverr, ProBlogger, or iWriter.