Types of Copywriting You Must Master

The types of copywriting are many, but not all of them suit you.

Familiar with the types of copywriting?

Have you ever felt that you can relate to a certain situation when reading an advertisement or caption on social media? If you immediately have the desire to buy the product being advertised, the marketer definitely uses one of the types of copywriting.

You have probably heard this once or twice, especially in this digital era when people are exposed to many contents. Every time we see a product, we see copywriting. The areas of copywriting usually are not only in written texts such as books, pamphlets, or e-mails, but also in the audio or audiovisual like podcasts or YouTube videos. Any kind of content.

Copywriting is the key element of advertising whose purpose is to persuade or create other forms of marketing, just like the examples mentioned above.

Why do we need copywriting?

Neil Patel, a digital marketing expert born in London, said that a great copy is the backbone of marketing.

If you do not have copywriting in your marketing strategy, you will hardly get audiences attracted to the products or services you offer. You need to “speak” and interact with your target market to deliver your products’ values.

To get to know deeply about how important copywriting is, you need to see the copywriting example of e-mail marketing below.

First example

“Dear Mr. X. I really need money, so please buy my product. Our products are good. Our customers are satisfied with those products. And, we are proud to have customers’ loyalty. We will help you to finish your tasks with our products. Thanks, Mr. Y”

Second example

“Hey, Mr. Y! I found you are overwhelmed with your tasks. It is not good for your health. The CDC reports that 110 million people die because of stress. I attached a stress reliever for you. Email me back if you need any help. Sincerely, Mr. Y.”

Even though those examples are written in the same number of words, that are 45 words, you feel the difference, right?

The first example is just like “inform” the reader about the current situation that the seller needs money. If we do not have pity for him, we will not even glance at the name of the product because Mr. Y does not provide why we need the product.

On the other hand, the second example is more engaging. Mr. Y here starts with the problem in which we can relate to, then he gives us a solution to the attachment. He also emphasizes the warning that stress can kill us.

1. Copywriting speaks about your product attractively

You felt more engaged when you read the second example, right? At first, you imagine how frustrated you are and Mr. Y tells about his product that can help you face the problem. The key to copywriting surely keeps you interested in the product or brand.

You should realize that nowadays people get an abundance of content in social media or even e-mails. Significantly, you get their precious attention by applying copywriting.

2. Copywriting gets the audience to want your product

It is much more acceptable that you will hastily see the attachment in the second example. Dale Carnegie, the author of the global bestseller book How to Win Friends and Influence People, said it is necessary that the seller puts the audience’s needs first to get their attention and make them do what the seller wants.

3. Copywriting tells what to do next

“Purchase Here”

Are you familiar with the phrase above? You may see it on a website when you are directed to buy something. Usually, it is inside the box with a contrast color of the background. That is a form of copywriting.

The box and phrase tell you what to do after you click the website that is purchasing the product.

Types of Copywriting

After you understand “what is copywriting?” and the importance of it, let’s learn types of copywriting. Here, you will notice where to put copywriting in your marketing materials.

Email Marketing Copywriting

Email Statistics reported that in 2017, 269 billion emails were sent and received each day! According to Statista, it will grow around 320 billion emails in 2021 daily. To specify, consumer emails receive 104.9 emails per day in the same year of the reported data.

You see now how important email marketing among other types of copywriting is. If you only count on the basic information and not use any attractive sentences in your email, your target candidates will directly throw your email into the trash.

Want to have good email marketing? The 4 tips below will help you

1. Make it personal

The word that most people like is their name. Include their name as a greeting to make your email more personal.

You also can ask them to reply and make sure it will be not a robot’s response.

2. Make sure your emails are not in the spam folder

Because your readers will not look at the spam folder. Who does, anyway?

3. Include calls to action and interesting links

Calls to action (CTA) “Buy Now”, “Read More” or “Register Now” make your reader focus on what to do next after reading your email.

Remember, the purpose to send them an email is to increase your traffic or persuade them to join the campaign.

4. Make it mobile-friendly

Most people access their message by smartphone instead of PC or laptops. Therefore, it is important to write email marketing by realizing this fact.

Creative Copywriting

Nowadays, the purpose of advertisements is not only to sell the product but also to build brand awareness. That is the reason why you will frequently notice the result of creative copywriters in public, especially in the form of a story.

Creative copywriting is one of copywriting types that is very human-friendly however you see it.

Imaginative copy

Creative copywriting delivers the marketing contents in an imaginative, original, and attractive way. They come up with catchy slogans and anti-mainstream concepts, for example in video advertisements. This kind of copywriter tells why the product is unique and makes the most out of it. They produce a voice which then develops a stand-out brand.

“I can relate!”

Remember when you cry over an advertisement or feel something hit your mind when you read words on the internet? It is because creative copywriting pulls together a mood and sense to make the audience feel that way. They usually even promote without any visuals.

Collaborate with famous people

Have you watched the Apple products’ advertisement? They often incorporate the special days like Christmas and Mother’s Day. Or, when they cooperate with famous celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga.

Apple wants to build a story. Apple applies an excellent creative copywriting.

SEO Copywriting      

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Copywriting is essential to make your writing rank on the first page of the search engine, especially when you write articles for blogs. It contains popular keywords listed on Google, for example. The marketers combine the information on highly-searched words and transform them into an outstanding form of advertising.

These 5 tools are undoubtedly helpful to create good SEO Copywriting.

1.Google Trends

This site from Google keeps you updated with the latest trends. It is a handful to get to know insights and be inspired about making marketing content.
You can search by location to acknowledge the recent news and what keywords are related to that. In this case, Google indirectly helps you to be the number one search on Google.

2. Google Search Console

Still from Google, this keyword tool can detect the keyword traffics on Google and choose the most effective word for your website.

Moreover, you can get a warning if there is strange activity on the website, so you can straightaway fix it.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest becomes one of the best tools for producing SEO Copywriting. This tool is free, but it offers you a complete package. You can view your content ideas, domain performance, effectivity SEO report per page, recommended keywords, and backlink data.

4. Keyword Ideas

Just like its title, this tool tells you a lot about keywords. Keyword ideas give you a list of keyword recommendations, the percentage of searched words. It also has a friendly user interface, so if you are still a newbie for SEO, this tool is recommended for you.

5. Keywordtool.io

If you look for long-tail keywords, this tool is the best choice. The long tail keyword is suggested when you want to increase your website traffic using SEO because it has slight competition compared to those websites that use short-tail keywords.

Technical Copywriting

Have specific knowledge

Technical copywriting needs a person from specific knowledge or education in a certain field or industry. This type of copywriting is usually important in health and technology fields.

Therefore, you need technical copywriters if your companies sell digital products and services like software makers or IT companies; also physical products and services such as hardware, maintenance of technology products.

For technological or health background

The difference between technical copywriting and other types of copywriting is in the function. Technical copywriters need to provide a good technological or health background before explaining the product itself. They add information like user manual, industry documents, product specifications, and reference guides.

It is different from straightforward how-to articles, right?

Content Copywriting

Content copywriting focusses on explaining information to the consumer rather than emphasize the sales using hard-sell writing. The function of applying content copywriting is to develop loyalty to the customers. They may get bored when you continuously send them sales and “order” them to buy.

Indirect selling

Even though content copywriting seems indirect, it spreads brand awareness that constantly reminds your target market to stick with your product. It also builds trust since your customers always receive your up-to-date information about your company’s activities or impacts. And do not forget that trust does make sales.

Develop trust

By developing trust, you can shape your ideal customer to become “the walking advertisement” for your company. A study conducted by CrowdTap revealed that 70% of people asked advice of their family member or friends who they trust to help them decide when purchasing something. So, if you use content copywriting, you build the cycle of recommendations and trust by itself. 

Has no expiration date

Furthermore, content copywriting has no expiry date. When you hold a special discount event, you can do it forever. You can break or like it is mentioned, it will be boring for customers. However, content copywriting remains informational and valuable for the readers.

According to Neil Patel, you must have these 5 essential skills to make a good content copywriting

1. Smooth writing skills

It means that you can write a copywriting that is easy to read, deliver a complex topic using simple words, and choose the correct vocabulary for a specific context.

2. An attractive headline creation

How do you get your audience to click your website? It is by having a powerful headline. David Ogilvy, an advertising executive, stated people read your headline 5 times that the body copy. The current study also confirmed his statement. The study concluded that 80% of the people pay much attention to the headline and picture, not to the body.

3. Being aware of user-friendly experience

By being aware of this issue, content copywriters will understand the best way to communicate with viewers. When you focus on the readers, you will surely grow your conversion rate.

4. Have specialization

Some companies only choose writers who are experts in related fields.

For example, if the companies are categorized as business and economy, they will look for writers that graduated from the economy, accounting, business, or management study. This happens because they have a niche and want to grab a specific audience that is already a master in that field.

5. Being familiar with marketing tools

Creative copywriters can possess a deep understanding of content creation, but they also need basic knowledge of other marketing tools such as technical SEO, Press & PR, design, or even UI/UX.

Types of copywriting may vary. However, each type cannot be restricted to each other. You can collaborate with them to make a good copywriting in order to grab your readers’ attention and interest. By holding their interest, you can easily drag them to purchase your products and services and have their loyalty.