5 Must-Have Types of Social Media Tools for Your Business


Which social media tools that can help you grow your business?

Applying social media for business can be overwhelming. You should be up-to-date for even the slight changes in the algorithm and social media tools that can help you.

You may be accustomed to using social media such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. However, when you employ social media to grow your business, you should be more professional than you use it for personal entertainment.

These social media tools will surely make your shoulder less burdened with the number of tasks in handling social media.

Scheduling and Planning

It is important to plan your content on social media. You have to match it with special days such as Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, or even Valentine’s day. Social media scheduling tools are an efficient shortcut to handle that task, especially when you have a number of members in your social media team.

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is suitable if you have more than one platform to manage. It is not easy to check across social networking platforms. Using Sprout Social, you can easily publish a new Facebook post, Pinterest Pin, and Instagram photo in one place.

You can make a post-draft containing the hashtag, location, and people tagging. The scheduling tools and the interactive calendar are helpful to maintain the update consistency on your social media accounts.

It also provides social media analytics to review your follower growth, impressions, and engagement. If you wonder which hashtag works best, Sprout Social assists you in identifying your top-performing content. 

2. Garny

The next social media tool to plan your content is Garny. Sometimes, you wonder whether your current tone in photos you want to upload donot contrast the uploaded photos on Instagram, right?

Garny is ready to help!

It has a similar interface like your Instagram, but you can manage your photos freely without being afraid of destroying your feed. Upload your photo there, and arrange it like what you want to see on Instagram.

If you plan to go to a place where there is no Internet connection, you can rely on Garny as it can upload your photo along with the caption and hashtags automatically. It is also a good place to set your hashtag categorization, so you do not need to worry to look for hashtags that you have used before to reapply it in your next photos.

3. Google Calendar

The famous YouTuber, Matt D’Avella, uses Google Calendar for planning his YouTube channel as well as his daily life. This offers basic needs yet essential for content creators that see great tools like CoSchedule or Sprout Social confusing.

Matt D’Avella uses this app because it can be synchronized across devices so that it will be easy for you to bounce from PC to smartphone. You can also beautifully organize your calendar as you can adjust the settings including the calendar color.

Image Creating and Editing

1. Canva

So, are you not familiar with those advanced image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw? Canva can be your best friend! You can get thousands of templates for every content. It provides templates for Instagram Post and Stories, YouTube thumbnails, pins for Pinterest, even quotes for Twitter.

Above all, you can use it for free! Of course, there is a premium package when you want to use high-quality images, but the free version is more than enough.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a go-to application for making your Instagram feed like other influencers out there! Name the YouTuber fashionista best-dressed, content creator Denisse Myrick, and the Founder of Splendor Digital Annette Vartanian.

They choose Adobe Lightroom because they can customize presets using their personal taste whether neutral earth tones or bright colors. Presets can cut their editing time down since it can be easily applied to any photos.

Are you confused with many features inside the application? Do not worry! You can go online in Adobe Lightroom app and follow the live tutorials there.

Content Editing

1. Grammarly

You must ensure you have written your content correctly, right? It is such a shame if you have taken the photo engagingly and edited using Adobe Lightroom, but your caption or sentence inside the photo is grammatically incorrect or contains typos!

To prevent that kind of situation, you can use Grammarly to check your writing before publishing it on social media. More importantly, this handful tool is free.

Moreover, if you want to purchase the premium version, your writing can be examined by professionals and will be totally perfect.

2. IG Line Break

For you who have used Instagram, it is somehow annoying when you need to add a period every time you want to create a new paragraph. There is a secret recipe to make your caption look nice and clean. It is the IG Line Break that stops you using dots to separate paragraphs.

Hashtag generator

The hashtag is a powerful tool to generate audiences on social media. People with a particular interest may not know which Instagram account can supply their needs, so they search using a hashtag instead.

It also can be beneficial as hashtags can be written freely. However, it is also a trap if you do not have a good understanding of doing it. Social media tools related to the hashtag strategy will be RiteTag and Sprout Social that has been mentioned above.

RiteTag is a perfect tool to give you insight into relevant hashtags and see how popular the hashtag is. For example, if you type #socialmedia, you will see a table consisting of other hashtags in social media fields such as #instasocialmedia, #media, #marketing, and #digitalmarketing.

Monitoring and Analyzing

If you are curious about your statistics, it is suggested that you make use the most of the provided analytics on each social media like YouTube Analytics and Instagram Insights.

These social media tools are free and more importantly, these reflect the use of each social media. For example, you can see how many people do not watch your videos on YouTube until the end and in which minute they drop your video.

It is significant to understand the social media tools out there as it can help you planning, creating, editing, and analyzing your content which is frequently time-consuming.