What is a Ghostwriter? : A Complete Answer


What is a ghostwriter? Is it a ghost that writes?

Of course not! Do you have a blog that is full of dust because you never touch it? You now want to restart it, but do not have time to write blog posts. Handing it over to a ghostwriter can be a genius solution. This is a secret everyone knows. When busy people like CEOs, celebrities, or even famous authors want to write a book, they entrust the masterpiece to a ghostwriter. Wait, what is a ghostwriter?

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a writer for articles, books, blog posts, copies, and many more, but he does not take any credit for the work. Yes, he gets the money, but the recruiter is the person who gets all of the credit for the writer’s original work.

Moreover, if you want to build a portfolio as ghostwriters, you cannot share your writing without the client’s permission. Meanwhile, when the author shares credit with ghostwriters, they prize them as a “book editor”.

However, being ghostwriters makes them not think about publicity which usually costs much. After they finish a project, they can go with another one. A lot of ghostwriters do produce books with their own names, but they earn more money by writing for people who are more well-known or able to pay them big bucks.

Reasons to not hire a ghostwriter

If you are new, what is a ghostwriter doing may sound strange, But, this is actually a common occupation, even Michelle Obama got benefit from this practice.

Do you think why a ghostwriter wants to give the credit? The answer is because this type of content writing is lucrative. Since ghostwriters cannot put the name on the work, they are allowed to rate the service higher than the standardized writing fee.

Moreover, ghostwriters do not own a specialty because they mostly understand only the basic knowledge of many topics. The majority of them are freelancers who apply to any available jobs. When you ask someone to write for you, you may lose your voice. Due to freelancing, they also have no HR department to handle your complaints and financial conflicts.

Reasons to Hire a ghostwriter

Even though they write a lot of topics and various styles, you can find professional ones. The writings from experienced ghostwriters will be skillfully constructed.

If you have a problem finding the right voice to deliver your ideas, check their previous writings, or ask them to write with certain criteria from you. You are also able to give them some materials to build the writing.

Are you still worry about financial conflicts? Get a credible platform to choose your ghostwriter. They can be the third party should there are any problematic issues between you and the ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters fees

You have caught the base understanding of what is a ghostwriter. So, how much does a ghostwriter charge?

Well, it actually depends on what is a ghostwriter producing. The price will be different for a ghostwriter who is an expert on how to write a white paper like Gordon Graham and the one who does a ghostwriting on fictional books.

According to Lisa Tener, a book writing coach, the cheapest ghostwriting fees start from 12,000 to 15,000 USD for around 300-page book. The shorter book consisting of 80 to 100 pages might only cost 8,000 to 12,000 USD. Sometimes, a ghostwriter can charge you less than this range, but he mostly is the novice.

Are you curious about the price of accomplished ghostwriters? With the same pages (around 300 pieces), they generally rate 30,000 to 60,000 USD! So, if you consider this job as a way to make living, start building your career now.

How to become a ghostwriter

After noticing the number, have you set your heart on becoming a ghostwriter? Here are some tips you need to follow.

  1. Be a freelance writer
    By becoming a freelance writer, you can develop the credibility easily because you have produced writings. This fundamental step is to experience kinds of writings. You can join freelance writing platforms since you can get testimonials and prove it to your next clients.
  2. Set your portfolio
    But, to get picked from such a platform, you should show your writings. Creating a website or blog is a good way to start your portfolio. It is not necessarily to be a paid domain because you only have to provide them a link so that your potential clients can examine your style. Additionally, be a writer for guest blogging sites such as About, Lifehack, Mashable.
  3. Write in a different style and voice
    Get out of your comfort zone! Try to create broad types of writing. Sometimes you can go deep into content writing like blog posts and whitepapers, but you also need to explore creative writing. This helps you get the ideas of how kinds of writings work and perform your adaptability. Then, you may decide which career path you want to pursue.
  4. Market yourself
    Do you want to be a ghostwriter, but only sit in front of your computer? Go join platforms and put “Ghostwriter” in your social media bio, even LinkedIn. Tell your friends and other social media members that you open to ghostwriting jobs.

Ghostwriting platforms


Just type “ghostwriter” in the search bar and you can notice hundreds of Sellers that are ready to support you. They offer wide options of writing services like e-books, novels, and even recipes starting at 5 to 795 USD for the “Pro Verified” label. If you consider yourself a beginner, this platform is a suitable place to sell your writing skill.


This job marketplace has an established reputation if you look for ghostwriters with prestigious expertise. They carefully pick the staff and ensure that they are veteran professionals. You can spot Andrew Crofts with his 80 ghostwritten books and Edward Renehan that has published his works at Oxford University Press, Doubleday, and more. Now, this article answers your question of “what is a ghostwriter”. You can realize that this profession is not as scary as its name.