Why Mastering Copywriting is So Important

Copywriting is the life of marketing. Here're why it is important.

Here is why copywriting is important for your business!

Imagine that you are an entrepreneur. You sell a product, let’s say a cup of spaghetti. You notice that people around you are potential customers. It can be your friends, colleagues, relatives, or even your exes. They will not realize that you sell a product unless you tell them. Do you know exactly what kind of words to say? That is why copywriting is important for improving your sales performance.

You need to make sales on your spaghetti, and that is the reason you are obligated to persuade them. Here, copywriters take the key role to ask people to take action. Before you outsell your product and get hundreds of profits from it, consider every point mentioned in this article.

First, what is copywriting?

“I have a business, and you point out these copywriting stuff. What is it actually?” You may not realize that you have witnessed copywriting in pretty much anywhere. Have you heard “Buy One Get One” or “Discount Up to 80% Only For Today”? Those are copywriting examples.

Copywriting is a chain of words for advertisements. It deals with strong and persuasive words so that people are interested in buying the products. You see the sentences mentioned in the previous paragraph at many stores, right? Their apparent intention is to drag you to come to their store and purchase the products. At least you are curious about the products being sold.

Copywriting does everything for your business

After understanding the definition of copywriting, in this part, we will discuss how copywriting jobs surely help you grow your business income.

Copywriting is a form of selling

First, copywriting will catch viewers’ attention. It contains powerful words so that it will arouse your curiosity, then you find out that you click the website or enter the store. Can relate?

It’s “Buy One Get One”!

The example “Buy One Get One” sells the product quickly, right? It is because these four words affect you emotionally, physically, and of course financially.

You will be surprised and excited when, for example, the banner appears on your favorite ice cream shop. Oh my, you are fond of their vanilla and chocolate flavor. However, if you buy those at once, you will be sad after receiving the bill. It benefits you financially. Then, you are energetic because you get your “fuel” two ice creams right away!

Product descriptions

If you love shopping at online marketplaces, the only way to know the product is by looking at the product descriptions. That is why if you also want to sell a product on the internet, make sure you understand copywriting.

The descriptions “We sell an aluminum weathervane” and “This weathervane is beautifully hand-crafted with a high-quality aluminum” will give different effects to the readers.

Your content can be done in a minute

If you already grasp the importance of copywriting, it means you already have a sturdy foundation to create a copy. You can incorporate copywriting in your content. That is the art of soft selling.

Instead of constantly instructing them to buy your product, which will make people definitely become less interested in you, give them value. One effective way of doing it is to educate them through informational content.

Back to the spaghetti example, you can create content like kinds of spaghetti. After mentioning carbonara, bolognese, and Aglio Olio, you can state your product at the end of the product. So smooth!

How many numbers do you want?

This is what you have been looking for. People are not easily satisfied when they do not see the growth of business statistics, such as website traffic, conversion rate, and money.

By applying copywriting, you will be certainly proud when you spot the growth of the statistics. Schuh, a footwear brand from the UK, increased 17% od the basket adds by only adding call to action (CTA) such as “Add to Bag” or “Buy Now”.

Have you got an email containing links that you should open? If you can capture your receivers’ attention in the body of email, you can escalate your website traffic.

Then, if people are instantly interested in your product, directly from email, you are successful in increasing your conversion rate. And, say hello to the transferred money in your bank account.

Get people to take action

Notification provoking action

Sometimes, you receive a notification from a coffee shop like “buy coffee or snacks?” They immediately state the verb “buy” and their products instead of asking “what is your favorite…”. It functions to make you imagine the act of buying either coffee or snacks. Then, you suddenly feel hungry or eager to grab some snacks.

See? That is the power of copywriting that is to demand you to take action.

Call to Action (CTA)

We have mentioned Call to Action in the preceding point. What is CTA? It is an instruction designed specifically for viewers to cause a sudden action. The popular examples of CTA are “Buy Now”, “Visit Our Store Today”, or “Click Here”. Those kinds of CTA bring the audience to do something immediately.

Tell what to do next

Copywriting also shows you what to do next in your marketing campaign. Usually, you receive this kind of copy in email marketing. The brief and personal email is used to introduce the product or ask a certain action, also why you should say yes to their offer. Next, there will be a direct link to lead you to a landing page, a web page designed for a specific marketing campaign.

After reading this article, have you realized that copywriting is important? IT IS. Copywriting will help you engage with your target market, create content for social media or blogs, and increase the statistics of website traffic, conversation, and above all your money. Copywriting also assists you in getting an immediate action from your viewers so that they are willing to take a survey, buy your product, or join a seminar without noticing that it is an advertisement.